The orphanage pensions for sexist violence will rise above 600 euros - The Province

The orphanage pensions for sexist violence will rise above 600 euros - The Province

Congress has taken the first step to raise the orphanage pension of the children of victims of sexist violence, although the new text does not have the unanimous consensus of the groups. Both PP and Unidos Podemos have abstained in the voting considering that the norm create first and second orphans, both by the circumstances that cause this situation, and by the amount they receive.

After a year of negotiation in the paper created in the Congress to elaborate the proposal of law of the PSOE to improve the pension of Orphans for sexist violence, on Tuesday, the report that will now be passed to the Employment Committee has been voted on.

In the approved text, these pensions that change from being contributory to non-contributory are modified, that is, they no longer depend on the murdered mother has paid into social security, but their funding will come through the budgets.

In addition, the amounts are raised, since it will apply 70% of the regulatory base, the same as absolute orphans, taking into account that, although the father is still alive, he will be in jail.

However, the pension received by orphans of this type of violence will not be the same since, in this sense, it will be taken into account. Count the victim's contribution. Thus, it is guaranteed that those children whose mother had not paid have a minimum pension thanks to a new benefit designed to set the amount with Social Security parameters, applying that 70% of the regulatory base. These children will go from charging about 140 euros to more than 600.

PP and Unidos Podemos keep their amendments

I mean, these 600 euros is "the minimum" that can receive an orphan from the gender violence, as explained by the Socialist spokesperson for Equality, Ángeles Álvarez.

Meanwhile, the pension of those whose mother did quote would depend on her salary. In this case, the PSOE has calculated that the average will be around 800 euros.

This approach has not convinced nor has Podemos Podemos or the PP, who have ensured that this text creates first and second orphans. In the case of the 'popular', because excludes part of the group of orphans, specifically those who are absolute orphans but not as a consequence of sexist violence; while the 'morados' believe that everyone should be considered equal and, therefore, receive the same amount.

The spokeswoman for Equality of the confederal group, the deputy of En Marea Angela Rodriguez, has pointed out that this system does not generate equality between orphans of all violence against women, since a minor does not charge the same if the one who kills or rapes his mother is his father or a stranger. "It's not fair that if a stranger kills your mother, you pay 300 euros and if your father does, 800", has declared.

United We can want higher amounts

Rodriguez recalls that the pension for this cause is not charged for a murder, but because the "State did not prevent" that death. Therefore, it claims that the State ensure the welfare of these minors and that the benefit they collect is the same. "Nor can it be that if your mother cleans copper stairs less than if she was a banker," he pointed out, to point out that his group will keep its amendments on this matter for debate in the Employment Committee.

These texts also request that these orphans charge the same as those of victims of terrorism, which are three minimum interprofessional salaries. They have even suggested that, because it is a rather high number, one could opt for an amount that is three times the Public Indicator of Multiple Effects Income (IPREM).

As for the PP, its spokesperson in this presentation, María Dolores Alba, explained that it is a "deficient" text and that its formation will solve the situation of other absolute orphans, such as those of traffic accident- with a bill that they are already elaborating. The 'popular' has regretted that the PSOE does not want to solve this situation in a single parliamentary procedure and has pointed out that it will also keep its amendments in the next phase of processing.

For the socialist spokesperson, the problem is that this measure is within the State Pact against sexist violence and, although it ensures that they do not oppose improving the circumstances of the rest of the orphans, it considers that this is not the appropriate framework for this. Still, and for "undo knots" with the "popular", the PSOE has agreed to include in the approved text an additional provision in which the Government is urged to develop, in three months, a study to analyze other cases of absolute orphanhood.


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