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The Orozco zasca to his companions before the great end of the Voice

‘El Hormiguero’: El zasca de Orozco al resto de ‘coaches’ de ‘La Voz’

The three
The voice
The Hormiguero
a day before the great final of the talent musical of Antenna 3. Antonio Orozco, Paulina Rubio, Luis Fonsi Y Pablo López chatted with Pablo Motos about the important appointment. The guests gave valuable and sincere advice for the contestants in the future, but Orozco took it upon himself to leave his teammates very badly.

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The night was full of laughter and from the first moment the three singers showed their complicity. The author of El patio confessed that his partner Antonio has helped him a lot in his careers, but that he has also done many silly things on stage. "In his concerts he left me alone on stage", commented Pablo López.

But the anecdotes have not stopped there. Motorbikes wanted to remember a beautiful anecdote that happened during The voice, in which Antonio Orozco revealed that Luis Fonsi helped him a lot in a bad moment of his career. Next, Lopez also recalled that David Bustamante it was his guardian angel when he took him as an opening act in his concerts.

In the world of music, the house parties of the singer from Malaga are very well known, and they do not end well into the morning. They also talked about which of the four likes to go out the most. Orozco said he does not go to sleep, that he prefers to hold until he falls "passed out" because he likes to continue enjoying music.

'El Hormiguero': Orozco left in evidence his 'La Voz' comrades with one of his advice

'El Hormiguero': Orozco left in evidence his 'La Voz' comrades with one of his advice

On the other hand, Fonsi and Paulina had a small fight when remembering a night in which the four singers went out to party. When they saw the account, they all agreed to go running, but finally Paulina Rubio had to pay, although she really did. driver, that had to face the 4000 euros of the account.

Pablo Motos asked the coaches of The voice give advice for the talents for the future In general, everyone recommended being honest with their audience and not get carried away by the fashions, but Orozco, who was the last, was in charge of throwing all his words to the ground. "My advice is to ignore the advice of anyone," he said before the laughter of all.

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