March 1, 2021

The organizers of the Pride ask Citizens to do "self-criticism"

"We consider Citizens have to do self-criticism and analyze why the people they supposedly defend with their policies prevent them from moving forward in a manifestation called to claim their rights. "This is how the organizations calling for the Pride march, COGAM and FELGTB, are pronounced through a communiqué, statements by party leaders they had to leave her accompanied by the police after the protest that was made against them. The boos and the sit-in, which lasted about two hours, prevented his progress.

In spite of everything, the organizers declare that they respect "the constitutional right of the party to demonstrate" and assure that the citizenship has been clear when evidencing "the incoherence" that the presence of Ciudadanos had in the march. Something that "demands, among other things, that power be ceased through pacts to LGTBIphobic parties, while forming governments with them."

In addition, remember that this has not been the first time that in a demonstration those present have been upset with the presence of this party: "It also happened on March 8 and is that citizens understand, like us, that it is incompatible to fight for freedom and equality of rights in the streets and to associate with those who extol hatred and discrimination in institutions ".

They also appreciate the patience of the attendees who had to stand for several hours without starting the tour of the sit-in that occurred to prevent Ciudadanos from moving forward.

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