March 5, 2021

The orca 'Morgan' has the endorsement of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands to return to the Loro Parque – La Provincia

The Supreme Court of the Netherlands this Wednesday, the transfer of the orca 'Morgan' to the complex Loro Parque, in Tenerife, confirming that their CITES permit should not be canceled, as requested by the Free Morgan Foundation.

Loro Parque details in a statement that it is the tenth time that the authorities have resolved against the accusations made by the activist organization, and the Supreme emphasizes that Loro Parque has facilities of "maximum quality" and offers animals some "Excellent Condition" of wellness.

In addition, the ruling recognizes that there is no limitation to raise with Morgan, which was one of the fundamental elements that criticized 'Free Morgan Foundation', by stating that a commercial use of the animal was made.

Thus, it recognizes that, although Loro Parque implements other activities besides the exclusively scientific and educational ones, this does not prevent this type of activities, which justified the CITES permit, they are also carried out, so the Court sees no reason to invalidate the permit.

For Loro Parque, it is "very important" that the judicial and administrative bodies with competence in this matter, recognize and highlight the excellent conditions of their facilities, to come these affirmations of organs and authorities that enjoy "absolute impartiality and independence".

And all this, he insists, "despite the continuous and disqualifying campaigns of those radical groups that constantly strive to defame and discredit lies and falsehoods, distorting the truth, in a clear position of contempt for the Courts when they do not agree with them ".

In this sense, the zoo remembers Free Morgan Foundation What if, on repeated occasions, the CITES authorities, the European Parliament and the Dutch Justice "he tells them they are wrong it is because, in effect, they are"

Thus, instead of "obsessing" with Morgan, he says, "maybe they should devote their efforts to protect threatened populations of orcas." "For the tenth time, it is good to waste time and resources on Spanish, Dutch and European institutions," he adds.

Morgan's story

The orca Morgan has been in the custody of Loro Parque since 2011. The decision to transfer it to the Loro Parque facilities was made in order to provide them with adequate living conditions and, in particular, to meet their needs for social interaction.

Whereas this decision was taken at that time by the Dutch authorities – on the basis of the opinions of independent experts – because Morgan's return to nature was an unviable option, the only other option for this animal was euthanasiasays the company.

Loro Parque highlights that it is supported by all the relevant administrative bodies (CITES in the Netherlands and Spain, Zoos Inspection in Spain and the competent authorities in animal welfare in Spain), which reject the demands and interpretations of the Free Morgan Foundation regarding the permit CITES, in such a way that Free Morgan Foundation is the "only entity" that supports the position of releasing the animal.

Morgan's health status

During the last years, Morgan has been living in Loro Parque under the care of a team of veterinary professionals and caregivers and his general condition is excellent, he has won more than 1,100 kilos since his arrival at the park and its size is now comparable to that of other females of his age.

Even though it was diagnosed with deafness by an independent group of researchers, their caregivers have been able to establish a complete communication system through a network of lights, the only and pioneering method known in the world that has been developed for an orca with a disability.

Thus, thanks to the care of their caregivers and to this adapted system, it is able to join the group in all activities despite his condition.

Morgan is fully integrated into the group and has established social relations with all orcas in Loro Parque, apart from the fact that it has had its first offspring, Ula, which will turn one year in the month of September.

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