July 27, 2021

The oral phase of the trial in the USA Spanish Pablo Ibar will start on November 26

The oral phase of the trial in the USA Spanish Pablo Ibar will start on November 26

The start of the oral phase of the trial against the Spanish Pablo Ibar in Florida for a triple murder occurred in 1994 is scheduled for next November 26, once the election of 12 juries in a court in Fort Lauderdale (USA) ends. ).

So far there are 58 preselected juries from a group of 250 initial candidates, according to Maria Mercedes Quiñonez, Ibar's sister-in-law, who has been present since the beginning of the selection process on October 1st.

He said that it has been a difficult process and he expects both parties to advance this week in the evaluation of the last group of 50 of the 250 preliminary candidates.

The start of the oral phase of the trial, by Judge Dennis Bailey, has been delayed more than expected. It is expected that once it begins it will be extended until January 2019.

Ibar, who has been imprisoned 24 of his 46 years by the deaths of Casimir Sucharski, Sharon Anderson and Marie Rogers, has been present in the selection process in which the familiarity of the candidates with the case is determined, their views on the death penalty and other matters.

The Spaniard spent 16 years in the "death row", but the Florida Supreme Court annulled the death penalty two years ago because the evidence presented against him was "scanty" and "weak".

The Spanish has so far been subject to three legal proceedings, one of which ended without the jury being able to issue a unanimous verdict, another was declared null and a third, in 2000, ended with the death sentence later annulled.

In 2000, US justice also sentenced Seth Peñalver for the same case, who was acquitted after appealing his conviction and repeating his trial.

Peñalver was summoned to testify on October 10 by the Prosecutor's Office.

The Florida Supreme Court ordered in 2016 that Ibar be tried again and the prosecution already announced its intention to seek the death penalty in the new trial.


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