The optimism of Wall Street is replicated in the Latin American stock markets at the close

The optimism of Wall Street is replicated in the Latin American stock markets at the close

Latin American stock markets closed on positive ground today, with a Wall Street marked by gains against moderate optimism for a possible trade agreement between the United States and China that could end the tariff war.

In the New York plaza, the Dow Jones Industrialists, its main indicator, rose 1.38% to 24,706.35, the selective S & P 500 advanced 1.32% with 2,670.71 units and the Nasdaq market index gained 1.03% up to 7,157.23 points.

The economic sectors ended the day in green and the most important increases were carried out by the corporate energy companies, which amounted to 1.93%, followed by the industrial sector (1.86%) and the financial sector (1.71%).

All this due to several reports about the possibility that China has offered a six-year increase in imports from the United States during the recent trade negotiations between the two countries.

The analysts of Wall Street are clear that if the question of a commercial war between the US is eliminated once and for all. and China, will increase the confidence of companies and consumers.

In addition, the pact on which both countries work would have the objective of reducing the annual US deficit to zero by 2024.

While in Latin America the corros showed a positive day with the exception of Lima that showed negative numbers.

The Sao Paulo stock market rose 0.78% and its Ibovespa index stood at 96,096 units, reaching its new historic high, breaking the barrier of 96,000 for the first time and is the ninth record so far this year .

The turnover reached this Friday the 16,759 million reals (about 4,459 million dollars).

The Mexican Price and Quotation Index advanced 0.7% to 44,441.54 points, after doing business for 14,000 million Mexican pesos (approximately 732.9 million dollars).

The Merval of Buenos Aires added 2.44%, up to 35,100.45 points, during a session with movements for 761.41 million Argentine pesos (about 20.26 million dollars).

Plaza de Santiago posted an increase of 0.8% in the IPSA, which closed at 5,479.36 whole with an amount of shares for 101,183,985,831 Chilean pesos (about 150.7 million dollars).

In Colombia Colcap rose 0.11 and registered 1,392.95 units, after an exchange of papers for 129,384 million Colombian pesos (about 41.4 million dollars).

The market of Montevideo with the Global Bonds index increased 0.31% with 108.36 points, when exchanging securities for 5,168,070 Uruguayan pesos (about 158,185 dollars).

Contrary to the other places, the Lima S & P / BVL index with 19,573.36 integers, marked a decrease of 0.44%, in a session in which 16,724,850 soles (equivalent to 5,019,463 dollars) were negotiated.

The evolution of the Latin American stock exchanges was the following:

Market Closing Points

SAO PAULO +0.78% 96.096

MEXICO +0.07% 44,241.54

BUENOS AIRES +2.44% 35,100.45

SANTIAGO +0,08% 5,479.36

COLOMBIA +0.11% 1.392.95

LIMA -0.44% 19,573.36

MONTEVIDEO +0.31% 108.36


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