The opposition will protest on Saturday against Maduro in 358 points of Venezuela

The opposition will protest on Saturday against Maduro in 358 points of Venezuela

The Venezuelan opposition will protest this Saturday in 358 points of the country against President Nicolás Maduro and the failures in public services, which worsened after the frequent blackouts occurred in March, announced Friday the head of Parliament, Juan Guaidó.

"Tomorrow there are 358 national outbreaks of the 'Operation Freedom'," said the opposition leader in reference to the formula of pressure with which he hopes to finally achieve the "cessation of the usurpation" that considers Maduro of the Presidency.

From an act in a zone of the west of Caracas, he insisted on asking his supporters not to get used to living in the "darkness" and reiterated that the lack of maintenance to the power plants and the corruption of the State in the company in charge of supplying the electricity, Corpoelec, is what has caused the blackouts.

Likewise, he again asked his supporters to organize themselves in each community with more protests and mobilizations.

"What can the world help us? Of course, the world can help us, and I have said it, again and again, we do not have to wait … wait, despair, and, on the contrary, here nobody is asking for patience, "he said.

Guaidó, who is also recognized as president in charge of Venezuela by more than fifty countries, also asked the opposition leaders "unity, a lot of unity and mobilization", because, he said, "that is the key to success".

In addition, criticized the way in which the Government decided to apply electricity rationing, stating that "to maintain the light in Caracas sacrificed the entire country."

For the opposition, this measure is due to the fact that the government is "afraid of the popular sectors", which in their opinion, "are no longer with them."

Supporters of Chavismo will also be mobilized tomorrow in Caracas to express their rejection of the "terrorist attacks" that the government claims the United States committed and the opposition against the National Electric System (SEN).

The region most affected by the blackouts has been western Venezuela, where Zulia is located, a state that has experienced frequent electrical failures for months.


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