May 26, 2020

The opposition launches a campaign in Nicaragua of "Christmas without political prisoners"

The opposition Blue and White National Unit and relatives of the protesters arrested for protesting against the government of President Daniel Ortega launched a campaign on Saturday for the release of at least 161 "political prisoners."

The campaign called "Christmas without any prey, or political prisoner!" He was presented in the parking lot of an office building in Managua during a vigil for the relatives of the detainees, Efe said.

"We, relatives of prisoners and political prisoners, strongly denounce that today more than 161 people, 8 women and 153 men, are imprisoned by the dictatorship of the Ortega Murillo family, suffering all kinds of abuses, aggressions and sufferings that injure their integrity and that endanger their lives, "they said in a document, read by one of the mothers.

According to family members, their children, siblings or parents are imprisoned "for thinking differently, for pretending to exercise their constitutional right to protest, for trying to exercise their freedom of expression and even religion."

In the document, they maintain that their relatives "were kidnapped from their homes, workplaces or doing acts of solidarity or protest, through the use of violence by police and paramilitary forces, in many cases their belongings were stolen and their means of work have been been destroyed. "

They also told the National Police to invent crimes to their relatives, "planted drugs and weapons", to present the cases as common crimes.

"Prosecutors have armed illegal causes and based on lies and falsehoods; the judges have acted outside the law, executing the order to condemn our relatives," they added.

Among others, family members demanded the immediate and unconditional release of all "political prisoners" and the Government "to cease its policy of having hostages."

"The captures and kidnappings must be terminated in Nicaragua. We demand the cessation of harassment and harassment of family members and released," they demanded.

Family members announced that they will remain mobilized, active and in civic protest "throughout the country and according to our means."

They also summoned Nicaraguans to join the campaign to achieve a Christmas "without any prey or political prisoner."

Meanwhile, the Government was required to comply with its obligation and its commitment to admit the presence of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (Oacdhnu) to verify the Family members situation.

The vigil was carried out after a group of relatives went to the headquarters of the Judicial Complex of Managua where it is planned to begin an initial hearing against 16 young opponents who were arrested when they were preparing to bring water to mothers who went on hunger strike for the release of their children.

The Public Ministry accuses the 16 opponents of the alleged crimes of illegal possession of firearms and ammunition to the detriment of the "public safety of Nicaraguan society."

Thirteen of the 16 defendants belong to the National Unit, including student leader Amaya Coppens, of Belgian and Nicaraguan nationality, an activist who had already been arrested before and was released under a controversial Amnesty Law.

According to the IACHR, at least 328 people have died since the beginning of the political crisis in Nicaragua that broke out on April 18, 2018, although local organizations count to 651, while the Government of Ortega admits 200 and claims to defend itself from an attempt to " coup".

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