The opposition criticizes the delay of the road addendum

The signing of the addendum to the highway agreement will be signed in September. / carrasco

Franquis has indicated that the extension of the agreement by 407 million will be closed in September and the groups ask that the sentence be fulfilled now

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new delay at the signing of
addendum of 407 million to the
road agreement has once again stirred up the opposition, which sees an attempt to "forgive" this item to the State, as is the case with
Canarian Coalitionor accuse the
Minister of Public Works, Sebastián Franquis, of "not clarifying" with this matter, as pointed out by the
People's Party.

After Franquis indicated last Monday that the addendum will not be signed until September -the last announcement of the
Canary Islands Government had pointed to July -, the representatives of the parliamentary groups of the Canarian Coalition, PP and
Mixed Group They criticized the lengthening of the transfer of this debt.

At the same time that they reproach the
central government not abide by
court ruling that forces the autonomous community to pay 1,000 million for breaches of the highway agreement between 2012 and 2017.

"Passivity" by Torres

In this regard, the nationalists also blame this situation on the passivity of the
Executive of Angel Victor Torres «whose greatest merit is to put hot cloths before the lack of commitment of the State Executive instead of defending the interests of the Islands».

They insist in this sense that the
canary president «he has done nothing but announce dates for the signing of the addendum that, later, they are forced to deny because they are
incapable of demanding from Madrid what corresponds to this landas they are incapable of placing the Canarian agenda in Madrid».

They criticize that three years have passed ensuring the "imminence" of the signing of the agreement for the collection of the debt "but
nothing has changed since the legislature began»points out the Canary Coalition in a note, in which it indicates that "the only reality is that the money is still not coming" and that they would suppose, they say, a boost for the public works tender on the islands.

Canarian Coalition does not understand the delays or the difficulties of a file that, they assure,
«It has no more edges than those put by the PSOE because the highway ruling is clear and transparent and has no room for interpretation».

Therefore, it asks the Government of the Canary Islands
“stop being a spokesperson for the state government” and "force Madrid to
settle the debt once and for all immediately, and not as they intend in the exercises of 2026 and 2027 ».

"Franquis does not clarify"

Also the deputy of
People's Party for Santa Cruz de Tenerife,
Ana Zuritaconsiders that, based on the explanations of the central government, "it is evident that the Minister of Public Works
it is not clarified with the status of the agreement».

He recalled that in an initiative, his group asked the Government of Spain different questions related to this matter such as the total amount of the works included in the annex to the aforementioned agreement.

Likewise, it required information about whether it contemplates establishing a temporary and economic planning of the works taking into account priorities, temporary and economic development; and if he had planned to reformulate the clause that obliges the Canary Islands to assume the
cost overruns exceeding 1,200 million.

As regards the amount owed in compliance with the judgments issued by the
supreme courtthe response from the Government of Spain indicates that in 2021 a payment was made on account for an amount of
100 million euros, in 2022 an allocation of
200 million with the same purpose, which is in the processing phase.

Furthermore, the Government indicates that in the proposal for
budgets for 2023 a new allocation has been included to comply with said sentences.

For Zurita, "once again,
the Government of Spain washes its hands in a matter of such importance for the islands and calls into question Franquis' statements stating that with the famous 407 million the central government's debt with the Canary Islands would be settled, and that the addendum obliged the Government to pay the amounts exceed 1,200 million.

"Without explanation"

Also, the deputy of the
Mixed Group in the
Parliament of the Canary Islands, Ricardo Fernández de la Puente (Citizens) Yesterday he joined the criticism of the rest of the opposition for this new delay in signing the expansion of the highway agreement.

He pointed out that "if everything is agreed,
it is not explained that this delay has occurred until the month of September. Still, he considers that the best option is
"trust" in the counselor's words of Public Works, Sebastián Franquis, and that finally in September
the Government of Spain "comply with the Canary Islands" and the addendum can be signed so that the autonomous community receives the 407 million for work not executed.

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