The opposition charges Torres for failing to raise the bonus

Torres, Sánchez and Corujo, upon entering the Cabildo de Lanzarote this Monday. / EFE

CC, PP and the government partner, Nueva Canarias, regret that Madrid maintains "discrimination" in the transport bonus

B. Hernandez

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The level of anger
opposition Y
New Canary -member of the
Pact that supports the Government- rose yesterday integers after verifying that the meeting of
Angel Victor Torres with
Pedro Sanchez did not solve the "discrimination" suffered
Canary Islands according to the
ground transportation bonus.

Furthermore, both from
Canarian Coalition like from the
Popular Partyry the deputy of the
Mixed Group, Ricardo Fernández de la Puenteattacked the Canarian president who, after pointing out that he would be in
Lanzarote to try to increase the subsidy for buses beyond the
fifty%when leaving the meeting in Lanzarote, he considered this percentage as good.


Fernando Clavijo (CC)

“It is an attack on the Canary Islands”

The CC leader considers that it is a "direct attack on the Canary Islands" and the "most resounding failure of Torres.

Manuel Dominguez (PP)

"We didn't expect anything"

«It was a photo to cover the file. We did not expect anything from the meeting»

Fernández de la Puente (Mixed Group)

"It has not served at all"

The Cs deputy says that the meeting has been useless because Torres has not been able to convey the Canarian situation.

In this sense,
the leader of the Canarian Coalition (CC), Fernando Clavijomaintained that "Torres has shown signs that he is a better general secretary of the Socialists than president of the Government of the Canary Islands."

In his opinion, Sánchez's response yesterday is
“a door slammed in the nose of the regional presidentincapable of defending the right of Canarians to receive at least the same aid authorized by the State to deal with the rise in prices that citizens of the rest of the autonomous communities will receive.

In addition, he described
"embarrassing" the
defense of Torres from the management of the State «just the day we live another chapter of the punishment of Madrid to this land».

canary front

Clavijo called on the rest of the political forces to constitute «
a front to demand that the state
correct an unsupportive, unfair and discriminatory measure towards Canarian citizenship.

the president of the Popular Party of the Canary Islands, Manuel Domínguezindicated that the role of Ángel Víctor Torres in this visit to Lanzarote has been that of
“cover the backs of the Government of Spain” and its failure to demand equalization of transport aid suggests
"the weakness" of the head of the Canarian Executive in its relationship with Madrid.

Domínguez insisted that Sánchez's refusal to increase the discount on buses "was not a surprise" because it is the "same line" that he has had throughout the legislature with the autonomous community "before the
Submissive Government of the Canary Islands» and because the Spanish president is convinced that Torres "is not going to raise the tone to demand what corresponds to the canaries."

Big mistake

In the opinion of the popular leader, the meeting ended with
a photo to cover the file and with a "big mistake and a tremendous injustice" that treats the canaries "as if we were second-class citizens."

He too
deputy of the Mixed Group, Ricardo Fernández de la Puente (Citizens) considered yesterday the meeting between Ángel Víctor Torres and Pedro Sánchez
"It has been useless" .

In his opinion, the Canarian president "has failed to convey the situation of the autonomous community to obtain a fair bonus and to assimilate the aid of the trains on the peninsula to the buses in the archipelago."

New Canarygovernment partner in the
Pact of the Flowersalso qualifies as
"unreasonable" and one
"clear discrimination" that the difference in the bonus of land transport with the peninsula be maintained "because our buses are their trains", indicates the parliamentarian Esther González.

In this sense, he points out that it is an extraordinary social measure to combat inflation «which affects the islands more, because there is a higher unemployment rate and a higher poverty rate and, therefore,
the percentage of vulnerable people is higher than in the rest of the territory».

The deputy of Nueva Canarias, Esther González. / c7

The expression most used by the regional opposition to assess Pedro Sánchez's reference to 75% in the discount on air and sea tickets -linked to the REF- that Canarian residents receive is that the President of the Government "confuses churras with merinos".

The leader of the Canary Coalition and senator for the autonomous community, Fernando Clavijo, also attacked Ángel Víctor Torres and described it as "shameful betrayal" that allowed the president to speak of the 75% discount as a privilege for which the canaries should be grateful "when it comes to a right recognized in our jurisdiction".

For the president of the Popular Party of the Canary Islands, the ignorance expressed by the head of the central Executive in his statements shows that "the archipelago is not only far away geographically, but also in the references of the State."

For his part, the deputy of the Mixed Group, Ricardo Fernández de la Puente (Citizens) insists that “churras are mixed with merinos and a recognized air ticket subsidy is confused with extraordinary aid due to inflation.”

The deputy of Nueva Canarias, Esther González, took a similar position, insisting that "Sánchez does not have an iota of respect for Canarian jurisdiction" and explained that 75% of residents "seek to put us on a level with the rest of Spaniards because we live 2,000 kilometers away, it is not a social aid ».

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