The open negotiations with Brussels postpone the approval of the cap on the price of gas

"No news. Last week we reached a principle of political agreement and now the contacts continue at a technical level”, the European Commission said this Monday morning. "It will be as soon as possible, tomorrow there probably won't be time, but certainly next week," recognized the third vice president, Teresa Ribera, upon arrival at a meeting of EU energy ministers in Brussels: "We are finalizing details . It is not easy for us to have time to do it tomorrow [por el martes 23 de mayo]because today is also a holiday in Madrid [lunes dos de mayo], but we are just finishing the details in this final proposal. So hopefully it will be as soon as possible, in the next few days you will have news”.

Last Tuesday, Ribera herself and her Portuguese counterpart, Duarte Cordeiro, closed a political agreement with the Vice President of Competition of the European Commission, Margrethe Vestager, to limit the price of gas for the next 12 months and, thus, lower the electricity bill. the light.

The two countries had offered 30 euros per megawatt hour, but the agreement with Brussels means starting with 40 euros, with an average of 50 euros in the period of application of the measure: 12 months.

“The meeting has allowed us to reach a principle of political agreement with the Spanish and Portuguese authorities that would allow them to take proportionate and temporary measures to deal with electricity price levels, maintain the incentives for the sustainable energy transition and preserve the integrity and the benefits of the single market. Contacts will now continue at full speed at a technical level”, explained the European Commission after the meeting.

Ribera hoped to finalize the agreement "in the next few days" to be approved in the "Council of Ministers next week." [de mañana martes]”. According to the vice president, the measure will “enable industrialists, domestic consumers, to benefit from this decrease in wholesale market references. It is an agreement that protects us from turbulence and increases in the price of gas”. The measure will also affect French users included in the 2.8% of interconnection between the Iberian Peninsula and France.

However, this Monday the agreement has not yet been possible to close in the technical field, so it will not reach the Council of Ministers on May 3.

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