The opaque cards investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office paid expenses for Froilán and Victoria Federica, grandchildren of the emeritus

The opaque cards of the emeritus king that the Prosecutor’s Office is investigating also served to pay expenses of his grandchildren Froilán and Victoria Federica. The money outside of fiscal control was used for at least three years to pay for Uber trips, purchases at El Corte Inglés and piano lessons, as published by El Confidencial. According to this information, the infantas Elena and Cristina would also have used funds from these hidden cards from the treasury.

Juan Carlos I tries to avoid the judicial investigation of the opaque cards by now paying the Treasury

Juan Carlos I tries to avoid the judicial investigation of the opaque cards by now paying the Treasury

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Juan Carlos I has presented a tax regularization to the Ministry of Finance for a value of 500,000 euros for undeclared amounts that he had spent with these credit cards and with funds whose origin is part of an investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office advanced by The attempt to settle accounts with the Treasury, reported by El País, consists at the moment of a brief presented by the lawyer of the emeritus before the Tax Agency and seeks to avoid the judicial investigation in the hands of the Public Ministry. The Treasury body studies the proposal sent by the lawyer Javier Sánchez-Junco.

In Anti-Corruption they are not only analyzing all the expenses of these cards, but also the origin of the funds with which they were covered: money from abroad. Deliveries, made between 2016 and 2018, were not made directly to the ex-monarch.

The Mexican businessman Allen Sanginés-Krause transferred the funds to an account managed by a collaborator of Casa Real, Air Force Colonel Nicolás Murga Mendoza. He himself recognized TVE, and this is his voluntary statement before the Prosecutor’s Office, that he gave 27,000 euros to the military to care for a mare and paid more than 100,000 euros to the emeritus in trips for his friend.

Numerous service receipts were charged to that account, which, according to the Confidential, were especially enjoyed by the grandchildren of the emeritus, children of Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar. The money that would have circulated through this financing channel would exceed 250,000 euros per year. Charges made with El Corte Inglés customer cards have also been discovered that were also fed with the available balance in the colonel’s account.


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