January 22, 2021

The only member of the CSN that remains in the plenary session creates an irregular PSOE ruse

The only member of the CSN that remains in the plenary session creates an irregular PSOE ruse


Javier Dies, the only member of the plenary session of the CSN (Nuclear Safety Council) who is still in it, since his other four colleagues must be replaced for various reasons, said today that «The dissolution of the Cortes paralyzes the processing of the file of proposal of renewal of the four directors and it is up to the new Government that democratically chooses to start again on April 28 a file for the renewal of the four councilors. "

Dies, proposed at the time by the PP and whose mandate ends in 2021, criticizes the surprising maneuver initiated by the Government a few weeks ago to relieve the four councilors even though the Congress is dissolved. Further, Among the chosen candidates is Francisco Castejón (proposed by Podemos), enthusiastic ecologist and declared anti-nuclear. The other candidates are Pilar Lucio, Elvira Romera (both from the PSOE) and José Maria Serena (PDeCAT).

Javier Dies, professor at the Nuclear Engineering University of the ETSEIB-UPC (currently on special leave), has delivered today to the remaining members of the plenary session of the CSN at the meeting held today his written intervention on the situation in which is the process of renewal of the plenary session of the regulatory body, with the intention of "not incurring in future responsibilities".

This counselor recalls that during the appearance in the commission of Ecological Transition of the four candidates, several deputies made reference to the possible indications of conflict of interest of one of the candidates. «This debate illustrates that the legislator succeeded in require a calendar month for the deputies of the commission to study the curricula and to consult to whom it corresponds, if there are conflicts of interest or not, etc., and if it is appropriate to make a reasoned vote against ».

At that hearing, no agreement was reached by the 3/5 majority required by law for any of the four candidates.

Dies stresses that the paralysis of the Congress "does not suppose any problem for the operation of the CSN. The current legislation establishes that the president and the directors continue exercising until the new appointments arrive. It must be remembered that the undersigned replaced a director whose term had ended seven months ago, and there are currently two directors whose term has ended two weeks ago and the president two months ago. "


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