The only dry Pedro Ximénez wine from Castilla-La Mancha "is born from the love of a mother"

“It is a project that was born to value the work of my father and the love of a mother”, this is how Piedad Garrido Rubio defines a project that has taken them in three years of a dream to put 25,000 bottles of a wine on the market that has achieved prizes and good scores among wine gurus at a national and international level.

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Marisol Rubio Winerywhich bears the name of his mother who died when they were imagining the project, sells the only dry Pedro Ximénez wine made in Castilla-La Mancha, in an area more famous for its sparkling wines than for its still wines, Villanueva de Alcardete in Toledo.

They, Piedad and her brother Jorge, are the fifth generation of farmers, they take witness from their father who years ago "fell in love with the Pedro Ximénez variety on a trip to the south of the Peninsula" and decided to bring the variety to Castilla -La Mancha with the intuition that the climate in this area was going to do well, with the strong contrasts between winter and summer.

"My father was researching the variety and had the audacity and courage to bring it to Castilla-La Mancha," says Piedad Garrido, who is also the winery's technical manager.

"When he decided to do it, he restructured a part of the winery, specifically in principle it did not reach five hectares for these grapes and people told him that it was crazy, that no one had ever planted that variety, but he was sure that it it was going to work. He planted it and when it began to bear fruit he saw that the quality of the grapes was very good", he points out and recalls that it was at that moment when his mother died at the age of 61 and "we decided to create Bodegas Marisol Rubio in her honor and make a different wine with a lot of personality, very daring, as she was and having the courage to market 100% dry Pedro Ximénez wine”.

That first vintage, that of 2018, is launched in 2019 with only 1,455 bottles and, showing courage, they present it to Rober Parker, considered one of the most influential wine critics in the world, who gives it 90 points, “and that encouraged us” .

Now, with 25,000 bottles sold in the national market and 30% abroad and three different wines of the Pedro Ximénez variety, they already have important scores such as 93 points from Decanter, or 91 from the Peñín Guide and several important recognitions both international as well as national.

a daring project

Piedad Rodríguez and her brother, together with their father Cipriano, are the architects of a project that “was born of love and affection, with the objective that my brother and I wanted: to value my father's work as a farmer, a lifetime dedicated to the field, prioritizing quality, and love for a mother, it is a project born of love”.

From the beginning "we took great care of everything, we went to California, we were studying how to launch the project, how to do something different, how to make something so different known," says the person in charge of this winery.

"We launched 1,455 bottles and a single wine in 2019 and now in the 2021 vintage, we are going to exceed 25,000, a fairly considerable growth in the midst of a pandemic," he says.

They currently have three dry vinified wines of the same variety on the market that differ in the production process. "The idea is to cover three different pairings and three different types of audiences," says Piedad Garrido.

They currently have 'Son de Sol', the last one they've released on the market. A very young wine, for an audience that is also young, “a fresher, cheaper wine that you can drink by the glass, it is a wine fermented in underground concrete tanks, with a very mineral touch and with a very special design. It's called 'Son de sol' because of a song that my mother liked”, he points out.

The best known is CIPMA I, a name that comes from the union of the names of its parents. “It is the first wine that we released in 2019, a wine that has 91 points in Peñín and is the one that has received the most awards. It is a super special wine, it is fermented in underground concrete and aged on lees with weekly batonnage and aged in Kentucky barrels”, he assures, noting that the tasters “define it as very elegant, balanced, with good acidity, an aftertaste long, with a salty touch. Perfect to pair with grilled fish, white meat, grilled vegetables or soft cheeses and seafood”.

His second wine was CIPMA II, fermented in newly used Missouri barrels, and aged for six months. This wine is highly expressive on the palate with a citrus profile with hints of grapefruit and ginger, hints of tropical fruit.

Currently these wines can be found in Spain, Holland, Germany and Denmark and are making their way into the US market.

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