Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

"The only dialogue that fits is about when and how 155 is applied"

Casado: “El único diálogo que cabe es sobre cuándo y cómo se aplica el 155”

"The only dialogue that fits is about when and how Article 155 of the Constitution in Catalonia is applied". This is how forceful the leader of the PP has shown himself, Pablo Casado, during his speech in defense of the amendment to the entire budget of the Government presented by the people this afternoon in Congress.

Casado has started his speech with references to the trial against the leaders of the you procés that has started today in the Supreme Court, then has mentioned the situation that exists in Catalonia and, in a speech that has delivered without the help of papers, has concluded attacking the content of budgets denouncing the tax increase and warning against the possible arrival of a cycle of economic slowdown.

"Thanks to the appeal filed by the PP against the Statute, it is not an independent court that judges the leaders of the you procés", Casado pointed out in reference to the challenge that the popular ones made in their day of the Catalan statutory text and that ended in 2010 with a ruling of the Constitutional Court in which the articles referring to the design of the judicial plant were annulled where it was established that the Superior Court of Justice was in Catalonia the last instance instead of the Supreme Court.

"Nobody has done so much harm to Spain in such a short time becoming hostages of the independence movement", Casado reproached the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, after accusing him of "humiliating the country" and allowing the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, treat him "as if he were the president of a foreign State" in the meeting that both held in the Palace of Pedralbes on December 21.

Torra presented to the Government at that meeting a document with 21 claims. Sanchez called them a "monologue", but he did not want to disclose them, despite the PP's insistence on knowing them. Last week, coinciding with the negotiations on the appointment of a rapporteur to mediate in the solution of the Catalan crisis, Torra finally published that document in its entirety. "

Married this afternoon included in his list of reproaches to Sanchez to hide that list of 21 points "for two months." And it has also affected the president that the PSOE has not supported in Congress any of the proposals of the popular to stop the independence movement such as prohibiting the formations that "foment the kaleborroka", prevent the pardons or end the Diplocat .

In addition, Casado has ensured that "the economic situation is worrisome" and recalled that "in January there were 80,000 new unemployed". He has also reported tax increases planned in the budget "like Diesel, which will not affect precisely to the rich. " And after mocking the government's latest announcement of "digging up Franco, you do not know if they will find him", he urged Sanchez to call "and the elections."

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