April 19, 2021

the one that is critical with the Police has not liked

the one that is critical with the Police has not liked

The chirigotas of the Carnival of Cadiz continue to raise blisters among the most controversial sectors of society. After the Catalan independence movement, now it has touched the National Police Force, the civil protection organization par excellence of Spain. La chirigota Bizcocho is the driving force behind "Los Jarabe de Palo", a critical piece against the protective group and with those who joke about the ease of hitting protesters or disperse manifestations in an unethical way.

However, such action has not been very good for the uniformed. Through a statement, the Unified Police Syndicate Cadiz said "this chirigota, who wants to assimilate to public safety workers, it's a simplistic representation for associating only police to violence" In addition, they did not hesitate to defend their work of protection and service: "The police are highly qualified professionals and we perform many functions, including the control of public safety to respect the rights and freedoms of citizens, being one of the institutions most valued in Spain and recognized worldwide, "reports The voice of Carnival.


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