The ONCE Weekend Coupon distributes 200,000 euros in Gran Canaria

The ONCE Weekend Coupon has distributed 200,000 euros in the town of Ingenuity, Gran canaria, in 1 coupon awarded with the five figures and series, 2nd additional prize, with 200,000 euros, in the draw on November 22, 2021.

Manuel Barriga Viera, ONCE sales agent since December 2017, was responsible for distributing the luck in 1 coupon of 200,000 euros (2nd additional prize), in his itinerant sales area, on Saturday in the Las Majoreras neighborhood, in Carrizal and in the Ingenio Cemetery, in Gran Canaria.

The ONCE Weekend Pay offers, every Saturday and Sunday, a main prize in the five figures and series of 300,000 euros, plus 5,000 euros per month for 20 consecutive years to a single coupon of the number and series awarded in the first draw. In addition, prizes of 2,000 euros per month for 10 consecutive years, to the four coupons of the numbers and series awarded in any of the extractions from the second to the fifth. 54 prizes of 20,000 euros in the five figures of the number awarded in the first draw. And prizes of 400, 200, 30, four and two euros.


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