The ombudsman received 28 complaints of indoctrination in Catalan centers

The ombudsman received 28 complaints of indoctrination in Catalan centers

The ombudsman, Francisco Fernández Marugán, has assured today that his institution has received 28 complaints about indoctrination in Catalan educational centers in the 2017-18 academic year and he recalled that the fundamental objective of education is "teaching to think" but not saying "what to think".

This has been pointed out to the media before appearing in the Joint Committee on Relations with the Ombudsman in Congress to inform, among other matters, about the complaints and complaints received by his institution regarding ideological indoctrination in educational centers. of Catalonia.

It seems to the acting ombudsman that it is "incorrect" to argue "that one can indoctrinate for the sake of an alleged freedom of teaching".

The complaints sent to the Ombudsman by Catalan citizens were brought to the attention of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education of Catalonia and referred to public centers located in Villafranca del Penedés, Manresa, Sant Andreu de la Barca, Premiá de Mar, Badalona and Santa Coloma de Gramanet.

The complaints are of two types: some had a degree of "very low or nonexistent" and lacked the basis for the initiation of proceedings and others referred to specific behaviors "whose description could be indicative of the existence of possible cases of indoctrination in the educational field ", according to the institution in a statement.

The latter mentioned the author or authors of indoctrination and the time and place in which they occurred, and with them actions were initiated on November 21, 2017, when article 155 of the Constitution was already being applied.


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