'The Olympic medal did not change me, I'm still the same', Canal ski, La Provincia

'The Olympic medal did not change me, I'm still the same', Canal ski, La Provincia

The Olympic bronze of 'boardercross' of snowboarding explains how it faces the most important event of the season


Das before I emulated the skater Javier Fernndez, the snowboarder of Mijas (although ceut of birth) Regino Hernndez ended, in the Games of PyeongChang (South Korea), the tour of 26 years without winning the Olympic Winter Medal of Spain, which had celebrated its last trophy thanks to the Madrid Blanca Fernndez Ochoa in the alpine ski slalom of Albertville'92 (France).

In a telephone interview with Agencia EFE from Solitude (Utah, United States), Regino, bronze olimpic of 'boardercross' snowboard, last year, in PyeongChang; and silver for teams – together with the Basque Lucas Eguibar – in the World Championships of Sierra Nevada (Granada), two years ago; explains how he faces the test of next Friday, the most important of this season.

He made history last year with his Olympic bronze. Does this give you more pressure or take it away, with a view to these World Cups? Or does it matter?
The truth is that I do not feel more pressured. This is 'boardercross' and, even if you are the best in the world, you compete with five more in each series. And you may have bad luck and fall.

How did the past days go? How was the pre-World Cup concentration in Colorado?
Very well. We have been training in height to accustom the body for the competition.

Now they are in Utah. What is Solitude? Do you like the station?
What I have seen so far, s. This is the United States and here is always everything in a big way (re).

How is the competition circuit? Likes?
We have not yet been able to prove it, it has only been the test of the circuit and until it does not make a descent it will not know it.

Vaultier is still the man to beat? What will be the other favorites, in your opinion, for the test this Friday?
It is clear that the French is the number one, but nobody is invincible in this sport. Any of us who are in the 'top 15' are goals to beat.

Having played only two World Cup events, is the World Cup more open, for that reason? Or has nothing to do?
We have only disputed two tests, because some have fallen off the calendar due to lack of budget; and others have been canceled due to lack of snow.
But it will have nothing to do. Is the same.

Earlier this season, you and Lucas Eguibar staged a controversy with the leaders of their federation over the issue of 'skiman'. You wanted to continue with (the Italian) Gianluca Trionte, but they did not renew it. Are they arranged with Hilario Snchez, or are they waiting for a new 'skiman'?
Hilario has shown that he is a great 'skiman', simply that he has no experience in 'boardercross'.

Supposedly, the federation said that for the World Cup it will have help, to be able to learn and see how the times are; and other aspects of the 'boardercross' circuit. On paper, in this World Cup we had another 'skiman', presumably from here, from the United States. Someone who knew this type of snow well.
But, finally, I do not know who took the decision that it was not necessary. Although Lucas (Eguibar) and I did not go.

This extra?
The truth is that s, because in the meeting we had with them we had stayed in this. And I believed them.
But you see that someone in the federation decided that in the end it was not necessary for the other guy to come.

His medal in South Korea was quite a blow. To what extent has the bronze you won at the PyeongChang Games changed?
In none. I'm still the same and I keep doing the same things that I liked before the medal.

How do you get to the World Cup?
All the good that I can. I have had knee problems for a little over a year, because I have a very, very worn meniscus. But already last year I was competing in every test with bandages to suffer less.

In the Sierra Nevada World Cups, Spain won silver for teams with Lucas Eguibar. But from now on the relay be mixed and the options to a second medal, both in World Cups, as in Games, disappear. For you, a real job, right?
The truth is that it is. But, after all, it is not us who choose. Although not many teams are happy with this change.

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