The Olympic epic of a 'goofy' named Lucas Eguibar

Complaints arrive from the Olympic Village of the Beijing Winter Olympics. They come from athletes who are not very happy because Wi-Fi coverage seems to be not the best in the world, and neither is the food. They also don't like that the rooms have a series of 'hot beds'. In other words, you finish the competition and immediately look for a bus to the airport to leave China because another, with the sheets changed, will occupy your resting place.

But Lucas Eguibar does not complain. He smiles through the zoom connection that reflects his image from the Olympic Village, the day he celebrated his 28th birthday and a day before, with the time difference between Asia and Europe, when fortune is at stake, first of classification, and then the medals to succeed Regino Hernandezthe first Spanish snowboard star who won a winter bronze four years ago.

the world title

12 months ago Eguibar he filled the front pages of the Spanish sports newspapers, which was a major merit, because he neither shoots balls nor practices a specialty that sits thousands of people in front of a television, if any of his drops are broadcast when he is in the Games or in the world championship. A year ago this universal Gipuzkoan was proclaimed world champion, a title that, in principle, would catapult him this morning towards a medal, but in snowboard cross (the 'riders' go down a track with banked curves and clashes between them, with which it is not only worth beating others), apart from arriving first, good luck prevails. "You can be about to win, they touch you from behind and you fall." And goodbye to the dreams, to a good classification and, even, to not being able to dispute the final, from the 7 in the morning this Thursday.

mental toughness

Other athletes, without the mental strength to Eguibar, They would have already withdrawn from the Games due to back problems that have plagued him for months. However, and fortunately, the ailments have been decreasing. "I was chosen to be the first to test the track and, although I liked it, I immediately complained because I'm a 'goofy' and there are some curves that don't suit my characteristics. Other 'goofys' did like me and in the end we They have fixed the curves a bit.

And this is where the question comes. What does it mean to be a 'goofy' in terms of snowboarding? Being a 'goofy' means that you put your right foot in front of the board. If you put your left foot first, then you are a 'regular'. "If you are 'goofy', this circuit is not so much adapted to your possibilities. But I will do everything in my power. Each descent is a world. I will be fighting and if I can I will hit the table," he promises. .

Eguibar Y Queralt Castellet They share early morning, a period of time that can turn from a small collection of medals to a small disenchantment if they do not achieve their goals. Both will be united by the passion with the snow and a snowboard.

Mirambell will wear number 1

Ander Mirambell also debuts this next morning. And he does it as a skeleton pilot, with his head hooked to the ice and descending with his sled, at some points, at more than 120 kilometers per hour. He has been lucky enough to wear number 1, which he will keep like a treasure after the competition. At the age of 38, he was the flag bearer for the Spanish Olympic team, along with Queralt Castellet, at the opening ceremony of the Games. His intention, in his fourth Games, is to improve the classification of his previous experiences, to try to be among the top 30, between the sessions this morning and the two series scheduled for Friday morning. "I have bruises all over my body from crashing into the ice wall, but it's normal because you always hurt yourself when you hit at more than 100 kilometers per hour."

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