The Olympian who considers that the measures taken by the coronavirus are "soft"

The Olympic athlete Carles Castillejo, currently the coach of elite athletes, today released a clear message on his twitter account: "It is forbidden to run in all of Spain from today", also showing his disagreement with the measures taken. “With all due respect, they are soft measures. Many companies should be closed that are not strictly necessary for society at this time. We have to limit movement as much as possible from today ”, he pointed out.

Champion of Spain of 5,000, 10,000, Half marathon and Marathon, four times Olympic (2004-08-12-16) and European champion of 5 and 10 km, Castillejo ended by recalling that the coronavirus “is a virus that is It spreads by contact and, if I avoid contact, the virus does not spread. It is common sense, although surely, as always, common sense is the least common. ”


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