August 6, 2020

The oldest man in Spain dies at the age of 110 – La Provincia

The oldest man in Spain, at 110 years old, He died this Monday, two weeks after turning 111 in Blanes, a town in Girona where he had been born and where he lived, according to reports from the town council.

Joaquim Illas, known by the nickname Falet, He lived very close to the house in which he was born, in the urban center of this municipality on the Girona coast.

The President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, also from that population, went to congratulate him on his 110th birthday, July 26, 2019.

Illas resided with his family and his nickname responded to the diminutive of his father’s name, Rafel, in your case become Rafelet or Falet.

He was the eldest of four brothers and his first job was in a espadrille manufacturing company, like his father, who also worked as a fisherman.

Falet was employed as a mechanic and also employed in another business before emigrate a year to Bordeaux (France), where he repaired boats as a turner.

About 1950, after years in factories and workshops, Joaquim Illas devoted himself fully to the family storery, in 2014, was the town crier of the Blanes festival by popular request.


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