The old woman evicted by mistake: “In 40 days they have not returned my things or asked for forgiveness”

The existence of Rosario, who was widowed very young in Santa Cruz de Mudela (Ciudad Real) and moved with two young children, her mother and three brothers to the L’Hospitalet apartment after spending time in a boarding house, was never easy. His mother passed away in a few months and At the age of 30, she was forcibly matriarch, as a pillar of a family that has now clothed her to survive to disgust. He never imagined that this discreet life would end in the press across the country, last February, after the big mistake which made instead of taking place the planned launch in the first attic, run into the envelope, residence of this lady. As explained then, she spent that week at her son’s house Emiliano to facilitate medical tests that had to be done in Terrassa. It was on Tuesday 23 when they discovered the nonsense. First thinking that they had “entered squatters”, he says, then discovering with great amazement that the house looked like “looted“” We believe that they started with the most valuable and had yet to empty the rest, “he adds.

“He only called me to apologize for the poor family that they were actually going to evict”


What has happened in this time? That the victim is still in ‘shock’, shedding tears and “without finding answers“, while their children and grandchildren try to rebuild their home to make it habitable again. In the account of the events they appear many questions that still cannot answer neither the family nor their lawyer, Jesús Rodríguez. The other part, made up of a large holding property (owner of the farm and numerous properties) and their representatives as administrators (Fincas Gual) has not given explanations. They have put the case in the hands of their lawyers, who have refused to make any statement to the requirements of this newspaper. Against both, the civil lawsuit that will claim the compensation for lost property and will also request compensation for damages, relates his lawyer.

40 days and 500 nights of anguish

For Rosario, the Stations of the Cross now add up (as in Joaquín Sabina’s song) 40 days and 500 nights, because the anguish takes away the sleep every time he remembers the part of his life that has been “stolen” from him. They blew up the television, the washing machine, the microwave, beds, half of his wardrobe, the inside of drawers, frames with old photos, the glassware and cutlery of the small great family occasions (they left the cheap, daily one), the great casserole where she still made her “donuts and stews” … What she calls “looting” seems the first part of the emptying procedure that accompanies evictions – “everything on the floor is considered abandoned”, explains the lawyer , which calls for more guarantee measures in this regard. But it has also left him without jewelry, “the money he had in the middle of some clothes” and priceless relics to herLike a mantilla from his mother from 1900. “They have taken what I most wanted in the world,” he cries. And it is that under a pillow he kept an elegant diary-book that his children gave him to give free rein to his incredible memory. He had been writing his long life for seven years in pieces, with the idea of ​​leaving it by surprise as a legacy. And it is gone.

“Every time I go back to the flat I am afraid to discover even more things that are missing. It is as if it has been looted.”


“What hurts the most is that no one has called me to apologize, only the poor family with three children who were actually going to be evicted,” she continues, totally lucid and in good physical condition, despite approaching a century of life, having worked since I was a child and cleaned houses in Barcelona for decades. That other neighbor was evicted after knowing the mistake and her apartment is already on the real estate market, says the son with regret. Have you thought about not going back to the block? “It is my house, I have all my memories,” she defends, after 15 years living alone but still visited today by the Catalan family and the one that came from the town. And then he bows down at the thought of the cold and remembering that “they haven’t left him neither the nightgowns, nor the two winter jackets, nor the new blanket. The municipality council offered him legal advice and provided a mattress, although his offspring have provided him with an articulated bed.

Rodríguez initially presented the annulment incident in the court 8, since despite not being part of the uprising, Bravo has ended up being harmed. They still do not know that the minutes are void. The court has urged “the public prosecutor to investigate the case.” They have also denounced criminally (for robbery, theft, breaking and entering and trespassing, among others) to everyone who participated in the launch, from the judicial commission (the attorney and the judicial manager who held the position that day of the judicial secretary), to the property, Fincas Gual, the locksmith and the operation for the disassembly of the goods. The fault chain It ranges from the absence of labeling on the floors to the act of the launching procedure itself, going through the process of emptying the floor. But judicial outcome, If there is no prior agreement, it can last for several years. Maybe too many to be able do justice to Rosario.

Too many mistakes and a lot to clarify

On February 19, so many nonsense were chained that Rosario Bravo saw her privacy violated and broken without eating or drinking it.

Bad signage

The building had undergone renovations more than a year ago, after which the indicators for the floors and floors had not yet been replaced. It was easy to get confused, but in the same way that they knocked on the 2nd door to ask a neighbor if the other was the 1st, they could have asked if this was the attic (it was the overtic). It is not understood why they were already confused in the elevator.

Wrong identification

In the act of the launching procedure, it is stipulated that the locksmith (provided by the attorney) proceeds to “unlocking the access door” after the apartment is identified by the “representation of the plaintiff under his responsibility” (an employee de Fincas Gual), that is, a serious failure of the administrators. But the commission obviously did not confirm it, and signs the recovery of the apartment as if it were “empty and expeditious”, with the found goods considered “abandoned for all intents and purposes”, when it was not the case, the family says. Who leaves their home without taking anything before an eviction? Rodríguez emphasizes that the record was written “by type” in advance and was signed as is, “attesting to something that was not true” due to alleged “neglect”, so that in addition to the bad drink the victim will have to prove ( with videos and images) that all his belongings were there.

No trace of the operators

Neither the judicial commission nor the property nor its administrator have given any clue as to the fate of Bravo’s missing furniture and belongings. The company Karba Serveis SL does not appear in the commercial register and has not been identified, insist those affected. It is not known that everything withdrawn has been done. The law does not require the recording of records of the goods found in the flats that are evicted by court order.

An inexplicable silence

A representative of the administrator went to open the door and give new keys to Bravo’s family, when he was able to see in situ the state of the apartment, the disappearance of pieces and how messy everything was, the family reasons. Despite everything, no person in charge has approached them. Criminal proceedings can easily take three to four years, and civil proceedings around a year and a half, your lawyer estimates.


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