The OFGC concert returns to the Boluda terminal

The OFGC headquarters hosted the presentation of the show. / c7

The Muelle de La Luz will host this Saturday, starting at 10:00 p.m., the show 'Madrid-Londres-Nueva York', directed by Josep Gil

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The twenty-sixth edition of the
Festival of Theatre, Music and Dance of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria faces its final stretch with the traditional concert of the Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra (OFGC) that will be held again this Saturday, September 17, starting at 10:00 p.m., at the Boluda Corporación Marítima container terminal on the Muelle de la Light. It does so after two years, after the pandemic forced the transfer of the musical event to other stages to comply with the established health security measures. Under the title 'Madrid-London-New York', this expected return will be directed
by maestro Josep Gil and will feature the collaboration of harmonica player Antonio Serrano and the Jazz Trio. Tickets for this meeting are sold out.

The Councilor for Culture of the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Encarna Galván, together with the director of the Festival, Marisol García; the manager of the OFGC Foundation, Manuel Benítez; the director of the concert, Josep Gil, and the director in the Canary Islands of Boluda Corporación Marítima, Javier Climent, presented the program at the headquarters of the Orchestra itself and
concert details.

For 11 years now, the OFGC has been part of the Temudas program where it has become
one of the most anticipated events that this 2022, finally, recovers its traditional stage. Special occasion that will allow you to enjoy a musical encounter that will offer a new vision of two of the great classics of the repertoire most loved by the public, such as 'El sombrero de tres picos' by Manuel de Falla and 'Rhapsody in Blue' by George Gershwin .

During the first part of the concert, the virtuoso harmonica player Antonio Serrano
will bring to its field the emblematic composition of Manuel de Falla with its own version that, while respecting its essence, discovers new expressive and instrumental perspectives. In his arrangement, Serrano will elegantly show the melodic, rhythmic and contrapuntal possibilities of the chromatic harmonica, maintaining the original form of the work and modifying the orchestration only to assign a leading role to the woodwind instrument. Specifically, viewers will be able to enjoy Suite No. 1, made up of the Introduction and themes such as La Tarde, La Danza de la Molinera, El corregidor and Las uvas. The repertoire also includes songs from Suite No. 2 such as the Neighbors' Dance, the Miller's Dance and the Final Dance.

In the second half of the performance it will be the renowned jazz pianist, improviser and composer Marco Mezquida who will delight those present with his version of Gershwin's famous work written in 1924 and his genuine jazz air. Mezquida will lead the keys as a member of the Jazz Trio in which David Xirgu will play the drums and Marko Lohikari the double bass. Together they will assume a new multi-soloist role in perfect combination with the OFGC.

stage box

The exquisite selection can be heard and enjoyed for 60 minutes in this original location that will have a capacity of more than 3,000 seats for the occasion. The space, according to the information offered during the meeting with the media, covers 50,000 m2 of port land on which it will be built
the stage that will be located under two cranes 80 meters high and weighing about 1,200 tons each. A hundred containers will be used for the realization of the stage box and the backstage.

Transportation by bus

With the return to the Muelle de La Luz, the concert regains its hallmark to once again offer a singular proposal in an eminently industrial setting that
sold out seats several days ago. As in previous editions, the ticket includes transportation to and from the venue with special shuttles from Municipal Guaguas. They will depart from the taxi rank at the El Muelle Shopping Center roundabout from 8:45 p.m. The return to the starting point will begin at 11:30 p.m., once the concert ends.

Access to the port space can only be done through the enabled service by the municipal public transport company. The organization reminds that the use of the mask is mandatory during the journey.

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