The Official Competition Section starts tomorrow in the cinemas of Cinesa El Muelle

The titles in the competition, which will be evaluated by an official international jury of experts, are: El perro que no calla (Ana Katz, Argentina, 2020, 73 min.), Fire in the Mountains (Ajitpal Singh, India, 2021, 83 min. .), Goodbye Mister Wong (Kiyé Simon Luang, France, Laos, 2020, 100 min.), Honki no Shirushi / The Real Thing (Koji Fukada, Japan, 2020, 228 min.), No Kings (Emilia Mello, Brazil, USA, Italy, 2020, 88 min.), Nudo Mixteco (Ángeles Cruz, Mexico, 2021, 96 min.), Pavyzdingas Elgesys / Exemplary Behaviour (Audrius Mickevičius, Nerijus Milerius, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Italy, 2019, 85 min.), Radiograph of a Family (Firouzeh Khosrovani, Iran, Norway, Switzerland, 2020, 80 min.), This Rain Will Never Stop (Alina Gorlova, Ukraine, Germany, Latvia, 2020, 103 min.) And Yuko no Tenbin / A Balance (Yujiro Harumoto, Japan, 2020, 153 min.).


The full program of the Film Festival is available on the official website and tickets are on sale through the channels, for Miller’s programming (Camera Obscura, Tarde + freak and some special session related to Chris Marker’s centennial anniversary) and on the Cinesa platform,, which offers the rest of the program with the exception of Déjà vu, which can be seen at the Elder Museum of Science and Science. Technology, a space that also houses the MECAS (Nearly Made Film Market) market.


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