July 25, 2021

The Official College of Physiotherapists claims a plvico soil unit in La Palma – La Provincia

The Official College of Physiotherapists claims a plvico soil unit in La Palma - La Provincia

The Official College of Physiotherapists of the Canary Islands (COFC) It claims a unit of pelvic floor for the General Hospital of La Palma that offers solution to patients who must move continuously to hospitals located on the island of Tenerife. with the purpose of getting an adequate rehabilitation treatment. This and other issues that have been addressed today during the celebration of III Conferences of Pelvic Floor of the Canary Islands in the aforementioned health center, and which have been organized by the Commission of Urology and Obstetrics of the COFC, in collaboration with the European University of the Canary Islands. The meeting brings together more than 50 health professionals to address the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunctions and pathologies.

"This multidisciplinary unit is a priority," says Monica Vargas, coordinator of the commission of Urology and Obstetrics of the COFC. In addition, it emphasizes that from the urological point of view a specialized pelvic floor service would favor the treatment of urinary incontinence in both women and men in the area of ​​gynecology, and would contribute to resolving peripartum pelvic pain and perineal tears. Also, the area of ​​coloproctology would help to rehabilitate faecal incontinence.
Likewise, professionals guarantee that 75% of urinary incontinence can be resolved with physiotherapy. Following this line, remember that pelvic floor dysfunctions affect mainly women, especially during pregnancy and after menopause. The disorder brings serious physical consequences for females and 1 out of 11 may require reparative surgery in the area. However, dysfunction can also affect men and children.

The disorders involve a decrease (prolapse) of the bladder, urethra, uterus, small intestine, rectum or vagina caused by weakness or injury of the ligaments, connective tissue and pelvic muscles.

The conferences, organized around a round of talks this morning, were inaugurated in the auditorium of the hospital by the vice president of the Canary Islands Physiotherapist's College, Estefanía Plasencia, the manager of the General Hospital of La Palma, José Izquierdo Botella, as well as Mónica Vargas, coordinator of the COFC Commission.


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