August 3, 2021

The Office of the Prosecutor supports the file of a large part of the Master case

The Office of the Prosecutor supports the file of a large part of the Master case

The Office of the Public Prosecutor of Madrid has refused to appeal the writ in which the judge of the case Master, Carmen Rodríguez-Medel, decided to file a large part of the case, thus raising the charge against 19 involved and leaving Cristina Cifuentes and four other persons as investigated. documentary falsification.

Until today the public prosecutor had to appeal the decision of the magistrate, although legal sources have informed Efe that the prosecutor of the case has chosen not to do it unlike what the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid has done.

The Attorney General of the State, María José Segarra, left the door open to appeal the partial file of the master case, although finally the Prosecutor's Office has endorsed the decision of the judge.

Rodriguez-Medel filed the case in relation to the crimes of prevarication and bribery for 19 investigated, so that he closed piece C on the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, and reduced the main piece only to the crime of falsehood.

In it continues to be investigated the ex-president Cristina Cifuentes Madrid, the former director of the Institute of Public Law of the URJC Enrique Álvarez Conde -investigated in another court for alleged misappropriation of funds of the Institute, two teachers of the court that evaluated the former regional director, Cecilia Rosado and Alicia López de los Mozos, and her ex-adviser María Teresa Feito.

In this way, the investigation focuses on the master's degree project that Cristina Cifuentes claims to have made and presented to a court, but whose evaluation report was allegedly falsified.

In order to shelve a large part of the case, the report of the Supreme Court's fiscal lieutenant Luis Navajas, in which he opposed to investigate Casado, and the decision of the high court that refused to open a case against him, was decisive.

As a result of that prosecutor's report, the friction between the magistrate and the Prosecutor's Office began to such an extent that the judge asked the prosecutor in the case if she was exceeding her investigation in the face of Navajas' warning that, if the case was opened against Casado, "It would be merely prospective."

Therefore, Rodríguez-Medel asked if "a change of interpretation" was being ordered in this matter since the prosecutor had never warned of such an extreme.


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