The Office of the Prosecutor investigates two famous healers for promoting bleach against AIDS and cancer | Society

The State Attorney General's Office promotes the largest investigation carried out in Spain to date against famous healers and pseudoscientists to promote Sodium chlorite - a type of diluted bleach - as if it were a miracle medicine able to treat diseases as serious, and different from each other, such as AIDS, malaria, multiple sclerosis and cancer, among others.

Josep Pàmies and Andreas Kalcker, two of the best known gurus of pseudotherapies in Spain, They are among those investigated for a crime against public health, as EL PAÍS has learned. Pàmies ensures "no record" of the investigation underway. "I receive so many notifications that I no longer pay attention to them," he said. This newspaper has not yet managed to locate Kalcker, of German origin but resident in Spain for many years.

The investigation has its origin in a complaint filed last October by the Ministry of Health, that alerted of the "publication and sale" through Internet of the sodium chlorite, also known by MMS by the initials in English of Miraculous Mineral Solution.

The complaint recalled that the ministry had already ordered the withdrawal of the MMS in 2010, considering it an "illegal drug" that entailed serious health risks. The risk is double. On the one hand, "there is evidence" that the mere fact of taking what is actually a type of bleach, even at very low doses, "can be harmful to health", according to Health. On the other hand, people who consume it instead of taking a legal drug incur the serious risk of not treating their disease.

Health alerted the Prosecutor's Office that on the Internet there was a swarm of web pages, blogs and videos dedicated to promoting sodium chlorite as a miracle cure. All this material, in addition, referred to "conferences, books and other promotional materials" with the same objective of attributing "to this product very broad therapeutic and preventive properties," according to a Health report in which the ministry based its complaint.

Among the ailments to be treated with MMS, in addition to those already mentioned, those investigated proposed autism, hepatitis, diabetes and arthritis. "The fact that a single product is proposed for the treatment of this variety of pathologies [...] already constitutes a proof of the absence of scientific foundation "of its use, rivets Health.

According to a statement made public today by the State Attorney General's Office, it has been the Central Unit of Computer Crime, with the support of the Civil Guard, which has taken over the case. The unit has already "agreed to forward a copy [de las investigaciones] to the provincial prosecutors of Lleida [lugar de residencia de Pàmies], Madrid, Castellón [donde vive Kalcker] and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, so that they open the necessary procedures and continue the practice of the test ".

According to the Office of the Public Prosecutor, ongoing investigations have verified "the effective advertising and intermediation activity through the network, in different media and forms, of the MMS product".

The Generalitat of Catalonia already fined last October to Pàmies with 600,000 euros, for promoting several products, some of them illegal in Spain, as remedies to cure cancer.


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