The Office of the Prosecutor asks for a permanent rematable prison for Ana Julia Quezada | Society

The Office of the Prosecutor asks for a permanent rematable prison for Ana Julia Quezada | Society

The Prosecutor's Office of Almería has requested the permanent prison reviewable by the crime of murder with treachery for the defendant Ana Julia Quezada Cruz, the author confesses of the murder of Gabriel Cruz on February 27, 2018 in Rodalquilar, a hamlet of Almeria. Due to psychic injuries caused to the parents, the Ministry adds another ten years of imprisonment, five for each of them, and the prohibition of communication or approximation at a distance of one kilometer for 30 years.

The provisional writing of the qualification of the Public Prosecutor's Office has already been sent to the Court of Instruction number 5 of Almeria, prior to the opening of the oral trial in the Provincial Court before a jury court, and in it is also requested for Quezada civil responsibility: an indemnity of 300,000 euros for each of the parents and 160,000 for the paternal grandmother as compensation for the moral damage caused. And the payment to the parents Patricia Ramírez and Ángel Cruz in the amount of 170,000 euros, 85,000 euros for each of them, in terms of psychic injuries and sequelae and for the accredited medical-pharmaceutical expenses.

The indictment of the Public Prosecutor's Office states that "as a result of the tragic outcome and of the knowledge that the parents have subsequently had of the direct implication of the accused and of the proceeding of the same, after the death of the minor, in the development of the events that occurred, a person integrated in his most intimate family environment, both parents are suffering an important psychic affectation in his state of health ".

In addition, the prosecutor believes that the accused should also take charge of the 200,203 euros of expenses generated by the extensive operational deployment which was launched in the search for the missing child for eleven days, according to Europa Press.

"Disproportionate force"

The letter of fiscal qualification indicates that the murder occurred on the same day of the disappearance by mechanical suffocation by suffocation by obstructing the respiratory orifices of the mouth and nose using a "disproportionate force" with respect to the minor until the resistance of the victim is overcome .

"In order to cover up their criminal behavior -Says the prosecutor's letter- the defendant hid the body in a small pit that dug in the outside area of ​​the farm and covered it with dirt and stones "and" later moved the clothing of the victim to a glass container of the neighborhood of Retamar being located by the Civil Guard in its investigation ".

The qualification of the Ministry alludes to the aptitude maintained by the accused during the period of search of the minor, of "affliction, grieved and sorry, involved in search beatenings in a clear attitude of simulation, pretense and farce, public and notorious with absolute coldness of mind ", all aimed at dispelling any doubt or suspicion about his involvement in the disappearance of the child, as he has appreciated.

During the search, according to the Prosecutor's Office, the defendant came to propitiate the discovery of one of the victim's clothes in a secluded and difficult-to-access cane field that she had frequented only with a previous sentimental partner, a person who lived in the vicinity of the victim. place it "with the evident purpose of misleading the search for the Security Forces and even for the purpose of directing suspicions against the aforementioned ex-partner and in response to pressure from the increasing presence of Security Forces personnel , volunteers and media. "


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