September 23, 2020

The OECD unemployment rate falls below 5.1% in December and marks a new historical low

Thus, the number of unemployed in the known as ‘club of developed countries’, fell to a total of 32,563 million, a figure that represents 342,000 less unemployed compared to November. In turn, it represents the best level of unemployment registered since November 2007.

Among the OECD members, the lowest unemployment rates corresponded to the Czech Republic (2%), ahead of Japan (2.2%) and Germany, the Netherlands and Mexico (3.2% in all three cases).

On the contrary, the highest levels of unemployment were recorded in Greece (16.6% in October), Spain (13.7%) and Turkey (13.6% in October).

The rate of male unemployment in the OECD as a whole fell one tenth, reaching 5% in the last month of the year, while unemployment among women stood at 5.1%, also one tenth less.

On the other hand, the unemployment rate among those under 25 years of age contracted by two tenths in December, up to 10.8%, while unemployment among workers aged between 25 and 64 decreased to 4.3 %, one tenth less.


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