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Se han analizado 41 marcas de aceite.

A total of 20 of the 41 brands of extra virgin olive oil analyzed by the Organization of Consumers and Users(OCU)do not meet the requirements of the European regulation that regulates the marketing of oil and are not'extra virgin olive oil', but a cheaper lower category, as reported.

For the analysis, OCU has followed the Royal Decree 538/2015 that regulates the realization of comparative studies of food products. The norm forces to carry out the analyzes inaccredited laboratories, allows to carry out contradictory analyzes and, in case of legal noncompliance, allows to carry out a decisive analysis.

With this procedure, OCU denounces the products of Hojiblanca Ours, Carbonell pet, Koipe, Eroski pet and vine, Lintel Clássico, Alipende pet, Coosur Origin, Coviran oils of the south and Exquisite Aceites del sur, Day pet, vine and Fruity, Hacendado pet, La Masía Excelencia, Olearia del Olivar (Aldi), Guillen, Olisone (Lidl) pet and vid and La Española.

While the analyzed brands that do meet the requirements are Ybarra pet and vine, Mar de olivos, Hojiblanca bravío, Olearia del oliva (aldi), Alipende vine, Carbonell Gran Selección, Gutbio (aldi), Consum, Dccop, Maeva pet and ecological , Auchan vine, ecological Carreofour, Borges, The English court bio, Auchan pet, Hacendado great selection coop, Carrefour pet and Oleostepa, these last three being the best results.

OCU has recalled that Spanish legislation establishes that it is aadministrative infractionin terms of consumer protection fraud in the labeling of products, as presented by the brands reported with their products.

In addition to the complaint, the organization has requested that, in accordance with the regulations governing comparative analyzes, the results of these analyzes be taken into account when inspecting the infringing companies.

In addition, he has warned that it is aeconomic deception, since on average Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AOVE) results0.50 eurosper liter more expensive than Virgin Olive Oil (AOV).

Although there have been no cases of commercialization of lampante oil or mixtures of different types of oils, the proportion of oils that do not exceedestablished requirements, so OCU has regretted this "chronic" situation and recalled that the makers are the manufacturers.

Finally, OCU has denounced the"alarming inaction"of some autonomous communities, responsible for inspecting and sanctioning these events.

The bosses of olive oil deny the conclusions

On the contrary, the National Association of Industrial Oilers and Refiners of Edible Oils(Anierac)and of the Spanish Association of the Olive Oil Exporting Industry and Trade(Asoliva), affirm that the study of the OCU shows the "high quality" of the extra virgin olive oils of the market and denounce the "evident irregularities" of the same.

The employers have ensured that the conclusions of the study are based on "sensory criteria" of a panel of tasters that only speak of smell and taste, and highlight that Spanish extra virgin olive oil is from"great quality", and the differences are reduced to "taste and odor discrepancies between tasters".

In addition, they have ensured that all brands meet the strict legal analytical controls according to the study, so all are extra virgin from the analytical point of view.

The sector has affirmed that there are "evident irregularities" committed in the elaboration of the study, assuring that thetasting methodit is a "subjective" procedure, for which reason they have concluded that "it is a method under review both by the International Olive Council and by the different administrations with the aim of reducing the great variability of their results.

Hojiblanca and Carbonell also come out

On the other hand, Hojiblanca and Carbonell have wanted to show theirdisagreementwith the study. The first one recalls that it has developed a unique code in the world, by which it indicates on the front of its labels two of the most characteristic positive parameters of extra virgin olive oil,fruity and spicy, and added that they have a total of71positive certificates of all the packages that Asegurajn have made during this year.

Carbonell has indicated for its part that its 'blend' is formed by the "characteristic" 'ripe Picual', which means that some tasting panels "do not value it adequately". "Only during the course of 2018, the extra virgin products of Carbonell have passed positively 25 certified tastings in official external panels recognized by the International Olive Council(IOC)", it is finished.


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