The 'Ocio de Hormigas' program will feature Adriana Medina on guitar and flute

Adriana Medina and Tania Cantallops.

Adriana Medina and Tania Cantallops.

It continues to develop at the headquarters of the Canary Foundation Nanino Díaz Cutillas that the Gran Canaria Cabildo manages at the headquarters of the old Bishop's House in the town of Ingéniense, the cycle Spring and poetry that proposes to the public a sensitive pairing between literature and music.

On April 23, at 7:30 p.m., the program called Ant Leisure, which will feature Adriana Medina on guitar and flute, and Tania Cantallops, on cello, completing the menu on teacher, translator and poet Felix Ant and the poet Marcos Hormiga.

The duo made up of Cantallops and Medina on this occasion present us with a fully instrumental intimate repertoire, in which they include themes easily recognizable by the general public, where the transverse flute, the cello and the guitar, come together to surprise the viewer. From contemporary to popular.

Entrance to the cycle is free, although the public must make a prior reservation through the address

The Cantallops and Medina thing is curious because they have known how to combine different disciplines and the same passion with a lasting friendship, which dates back to the early 2000s when both began their studies together in the classrooms of the Professional Conservatory of Music of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and, later, at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Canarias, where they complete their degrees in Pedagogy of the Transverse Flute and Cello Interpretation, respectively.

In these almost twenty years, they have worked indistinctly in groups of different musical natures such as the Young Orchestra of Gran Canaria, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Gran Canaria and the Maestro Valle Orchestra.

Among the characteristics of both, it is worth highlighting their abilities to develop and incorporate their musical knowledge in such diverse disciplines as traditional Canarian music, Latin American folklore and the music of Andalusia.

As Adriana Medina points out, "music in these times has become a balm for society," she says. “The pandemic has hit musicians hard, although it seems that the panorama is beginning to reposition itself again, still admitting all the difficulties. It has been even more complicated and delicate for wind instruments due to the greater chances of spreading the virus through the air. We must continue to open the doors to culture, because it is safe and necessary, and with it we have been able to color the gray and dark panorama imposed by the pandemic in its hardest days ”.

As a duo they have shared and share the stage with different internationally renowned artists such as Yeray Rodríguez, Concha Buika, Isabel Pantoja and Oscar de León, among others. “We are very lucky to be able to play with musicians from different backgrounds, from classical to popular. That fusion that each one of the two has been assuming in their areas of development defines the duo's project ”, explains Medina, who comes from Agaete and speaks of the predominance of Cuban music that has always been breathed in the sailor town of the north of Gran Canaria.

"I honestly believe that outside the islands our music is not very well known, and for that reason we should be interested in transferring and spreading the cultural richness based on the miscegenation of our tradition beyond the borders of our own insularity", warns the guitarist and flutist canary "That is why the role played by the Nanino Díaz Cutillas Foundation is so necessary," he advances.

“The musicians of the island collaborate regularly. There is an atmosphere of healthy cooperation and exchange of ideas. If we push ourselves with blows we know that we are not going to get anywhere ", explains Medina, who emphasizes that" nowadays young people have infinite possibilities to study music in a self-taught way that did not exist before. It is never too late to study music, not even when you are thirteen or eighty years old ”.

On the 30th, at 7:30 p.m., the cycle closes Spring and poetry with a trip through the poetic work of Nanino Díaz Cutillas and the writers of his time, a journey starring the students of the Master in Audiovisual and Literary Culture of the Faculty of Philology of the ULPGC, which will be enlivened on guitar by Misael Jordán. This act will be broadcast, as a tribute to Tomás Morales for the centenary of his death, through the networks of the Canary Foundation Nanino Díaz Cutillas, the Ingenio City Council and Este Canal TV.

It should be remembered that the aforementioned initiative has the collaboration of the Ingenio town hall, Este Canal Televisión, the company Grupo CRI Canarias and the Faculty of Philology of the ULPGC. The Canary Foundation Nanino Díaz Cutillas promotes this initiative within the framework of the program April-Book held in nine centers of its network of the Council of Culture of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria throughout this month.


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