The oceanographic vessel that will search for Anna and Olivia arrives in Tenerife

Oceanographic and Fisheries Research Vessel & # 039; Ángeles Alvariño & # 039;

Oceanographic and Fisheries Research Vessel ‘Ángeles Alvariño’

The oceanographic vessel ‘Ángeles Alvariño’, equipped with a side scan sonar and an underwater robot, has arrived on the island of Tenerife to join the search for the girls Anna and Olivia, who disappeared on April 27 with their father, Tomás Gimeno.

The buque, operated by the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO), He left last Sunday from the port of Vigo and his incorporation to the search for the girls was announced by the general director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, who this week stressed that the investigation “does not stop” and continues with the incorporation of these extraordinary media.

The ‘Ángeles Alvariño’ has a side scan sonar, a device that uses the propagation of sound under water to obtain digital images of the surface of the seabed. The sEmitted acoustic signals bounce off the bottom creating an image of it. Its most common applications include detailed mapping of communities on the seabed, locating pipes, viaducts or cables, searching for objects or submerged archaeological sites, among others.

The ship also has an underwater robot, the ROV Liropus 2000, property of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography, capable of recovering objects in the sea up to 2,000 meters deep. Equipped with seven cameras, it can scan the seabed, send live images, and even collect samples.

The oceanographic vessel has planned to search the area where Tomás Gimeno’s boat was found adrift, one nautical mile from Puertito de Güímar. There he will make an X-ray of the seabed with sonar to try to identify any foreign object and, if possible, then raise it to the surface with the underwater robot.


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