The occupation of covid beds in hospitals in Gran Canaria is at high risk

Archive image an ICU in the Insular hospital in Gran Canaria with covid patients. / EFE

Five islands already have the incidence in people over 60 years of age in red, the same as the Canarian average. In four days the archipelago adds 10 deaths

Louisa del Rosario

The seventh wave of the covid pandemic continues to escalate on the islands and the pressure on hospitals is beginning to be felt. In fact, in Gran Canaria the percentage of covid bed occupancy is already at high risk with 10.06%, according to the
epidemiological report published yesterday by Public Health.

Between July 1 and 5with consolidated data for July 4,
Hospital admissions for coronavirus increased by 13.7% from 372 to 423, that is, 51 more people. If the last week is taken into account, the percentage rises to 19.4%, since on June 28, 354 people had been admitted to Canarian hospitals due to covid, 69 fewer than those notified this Tuesday.

Of the total number of people currently hospitalized
22 occupy critical beds in the ICU and the rest, 401, remain on the ward. This number of admissions was repeated in the fifth and sixth waves in July and August 2021 and last January and February, respectively.

The hospital occupancy rate per 100,000 inhabitants is at medium risk in Gran Canaria with 26.18%.

Seven day incidence

Canary Islands, in addition, already has
at high risk the incidence indicator accumulated number of infections at seven days in the population over 60 years of age with 815.44 infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

And it is that
five islands already have this indicator in red. Gran Canaria, which has the highest seven-day incidence in people over 60 years of age in the archipelago with 923.46; La Gomera (826.7), El Hierro (814.23), Lanzarote (795.44), and Tenerife (761.03). In addition, Gran Canaria also has the 14-day incidence in this population group in red with 1,679.99 cases.

The numbers

1,951 It is the number of infections in people over 60 years of age in the Canary Islands that Health notified yesterday.

The Ministry of
Health reported this Tuesday that in the last four days there have been 1,951 positives among the population over 60 years of age and vulnerable, the only age group in which epidemiological follow-up is carried out after estimating that the acute phase of the pandemic had passed and that they were suffering from the flu.

The trickle of deaths does not stop either. In the last four days, 10 deaths have been reported.. Last Friday, the reported deaths rose to 12, with which
In the last week on the islands, 22 people have died from covid, which makes 1,831 deaths since the pandemic began on the islands.

According to the weekly report on the situation and evolution of covid-19 in the Canary Islands in social health centers, between June 20 and 26, 119 elderly men and women were infected in residences on the islands, in addition to 46 residents in disability centers. The number of workers in both types of centers infected in the same period was 109.

More infections in Spain

The country as a whole once again comfortably exceeds a thousand cases of incidence, and returns to the levels of covid infections in mid-February, reports JAG
Driven by the BA.5 omicron sublineage, which has a high transmission capacity (also in people who have recently had the disease), the accumulated incidence in people over 60 years of age, the only one that is measured in the current phase of flu, is found at 1,135 cases per one hundred thousand inhabitants, according to the report made public yesterday by the Ministry of Health.
This figure represents 14% more than those reported last Friday, July 1, and 35% more than the data released by the Ministry of Health just a week ago. ANDn those over 80 years of age, the incidence is already close to 1,500 cases.

Hospitalizations have also increased.
In Spain there are 11,586 patients admitted with covid, 1,337 more than last Friday, of which 502 are in the ICU (449 four days ago). This data represents an occupation of 9.56% in the plant (8.37% on Friday) and 5.73% in intensive care (5.06%). In these last four days there have been 148 deaths, bringing the total number of deaths to 108,259.

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