The nurses will be able to prescribe tomorrow coinciding with the influenza campaign

The nurses will be able to prescribe tomorrow coinciding with the influenza campaign

The Official State Gazette (BOE) publishes today the royal decree of nursing prescription that will allow these professionals, mostly women, to indicate and authorize the dispensation of certain medicines such as vaccines from tomorrow, coinciding with the start of the campaign vaccination against the flu.

The decree, approved last Friday by the Council of Ministers, will allow nurses to prescribe drugs based on protocols and clinical practice guidelines.

The new standard "resolves the difficulties of interpretation" of the competence areas of nurses and doctors in the application of the previous 2015 regulations "developing the collaborative nature" of these in order to ensure continuity of care and patient safety.

The decree establishes that "except in those cases in which a patient, in response to their particular conditions, requires an individualized medical assessment, the administration of vaccines contemplated in the vaccination calendar and those taxed by health campaigns that are determined by the sanitary authorities, will only need the corresponding order of dispensation ".

This means that nurses can administer vaccines without the need for a doctor's prior authorization.

For the accreditation of nurses to be able to prescribe certain medications, the royal decree establishes that, in addition to the corresponding qualification, a minimum of one year of professional experience will be required or, in its absence, the completion of adaptation courses.

The nursing prescription is an old demand of the General Council of Nursing and the Satse Nursing Union.


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