The Nurse College of Las Palmas cancels the only alternative electoral list – The Province

The Nurse College of Las Palmas cancels the only alternative electoral list - The Province

The Official College of Nursing of Las Palmas annulled the only alternative candidacy to the continuist plate of the current government meeting, presided over by Hortensia Calero during the last twelve years, in the framework of the electoral process convened in mid-January with February 14 as a scheduled date for the appointment with the polls, a democratic process now pending appeal appeals lodged by the invalidated group. From the private corporation of public law they avoided pronouncing until the end of the process so as not to interfere in the call.

Under the name of More Nursing, three representatives of the eliminated list denounced yesterday in press conference their "arbitrary exclusion" of the collegial elections since the electoral board shielded itself in the absence of registration of the specialty title before the professional corporation of four candidates for vowels, "a requirement that does not exist in the current statutes". In fact, "nor is it mandatory by law to register the title of specialist, is a stratagem to try to prevent our right to vote," explained the frustrated candidate to college president, Rita Mendoza, before noting that the questioned aspirants did certify their professional accreditation with the ministerial document among the presented material.

Moreover, "as far as we know verbally, because it has not yet been published, the list chaired by Hortensia Calero does not comply with the statutes because it has presented three specialist spokespersons, when there are six types legally recognized. [matrona, salud mental, pediatría, familiar y comunitaria, trabajo y geriatría], so the correct and complete candidacy is the one presented by Más Enfermería, "underlined Rita Mendoza, along with the compañeras de plancha María Desiré Alemán, aspiring vice president, and Alicia del Mar González, a member of the children's area. the alternative list hopes to exhaust the administrative channel throughout this week before filing a contentious appeal in the ordinary courts, explained Desiré Alemán, also a lawyer lawyer.

Two decades without votes

Not in vain, "the nurses of Las Palmas want to vote, freely and democratically elect our representatives, a great movement of support has been generated both at the provincial and national level and public opinion must know that we are not going to stop," said the presidential eliminated after remembering that the 7,000 collegiate compañeras constitute the largest health collective in the three eastern islands.

In Mendoza's opinion, "the process is not democratic and we are worried, elections were called with only eight days to present the candidacies and the current government board is also an electoral board, they are a judge and they are part, we have been without power for 20 years vote". Indeed, the College of Nursing of Las Palmas does not hold elections since the last century, since the alternative candidacies were canceled in two elections (2003 and 2007) and only the official list was presented in many others (2011 and 2015).

Given the possible reasons for so many obstacles to the professional polls, "we do not have the answer, within our program we include compliance with the transparency law, the school budget is more than 1.7 million annually, only income from college fees , an interesting budget ", answered the number one of the canceled list before summarizing in" more nursing, more nurses and better school "their electoral proposals. "More nursing means we want to be present in the social and political life of this province, we believe that our group does not have visibility, despite having great value for health and society as a whole, we intend another offer in research and teaching More nurses means working on improving the ratios, Spain is the sixth country in Europe by the tail and Canarias is the sixth community by the tail in Spain, we train the best but they leave, and the best school is that it is accessible, through the use of information and communication technologies, more democratic, with the limitation of two mandates and the complete change of the electoral process, or to generate participatory and plural work commissions, "Rita Mendoza summarized.


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