January 19, 2021

The number two of Manuel Valls in Barcelona joins the lists of the PP in the Catalan elections

Second signing of the PP for the Catalan elections of 14F. Eva Parera, councilor in the Barcelona city council and right-hand man of Manuel Valls, will accompany Alejandro Fernández to the next elections to Parliament in the third position on the list. Parera will appear on the Popular Party list just behind another signing, that of the former Citizen leader Lorena Roldán, an addition that was presented last week as a blow by the PP towards Carlos Carrizosa’s party.

As La Vanguardia has advanced this Monday, the incorporation of Parera to the PP lists has had the endorsement of Valls, who does not plan to present himself to the Catalans. The hitherto number two of Barcelona pel Canvi will attend the 14F elections as an independent. Fernández and Parera have convened an act together for this Monday under the title “Sumando por Catalunya” in which they will offer details of their agreement.

Eva Parera was a leader of the Unió Democràtica de Catalunya, the party of Josep Antoni Duran i Lleida, since 2006, from which she held various responsibilities, becoming a senator. After the dissolution of Unió, politics joined its successors of Units per Avançar, but in the last municipal elections it accompanied the former French Prime Minister in the candidacy he formed with Ciudadanos.


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