Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

The number two of Baena ensures that Cuixart wanted vulnerable people in the schools of 1-O

El número dos de Baena asegura que Cuixart quería “personas vulnerables” en los colegios el 1-O

The number two of the police investigation of the 1-O has assured the court of the you procés They detected an email from presidentemnium Cultural president, Jordi Cuixart, in which he asked to take "vulnerable people" to vote at the schools 1-0, a scenario in which the Mossos warned that they would not act.

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Questioned by the prosecutor Fidel Cadena, the Civil Guard command explained that the mayor of the Mossos Josep Lluís Trapero sent an email to the former Joaquim Forn in which he informed him of 29 guidelines for the body's performance for the 1-O, specifying that they would not act when there were vulnerable people, when the concentration was peaceful or when it was very violent.

And he has linked this communication with a mail from Cuixart in which the leader of Òmnium "talks about taking vulnerable people to the vote of 1-O", without specifying who he is addressing. The witness added that Cuixart also received emails in which he was told to take children and seniors on October 1 to vote.

The police command, which has previously located the Jordis in the meeting where Puigdemont was elected, has placed Òmnium in a leading role when it comes to managing social mobilizations, resistance actions and citizens' action guidelines for the day of the referendum.

In this regard, he recalled that the initiative of "Escoles obertes" to occupy the schools with recreational activities in the days before 1-O, was presented at the headquarters of Òmnium and although it has not been able to prove the creation of this initiative, it does has made it clear that Òmnium participated in the movements to occupy the centers. "Omnium insurance, ANC I do not remember," he said.

He also highlighted the role of Òmnium in defending the referendum through the website Crida per la Democracia, which he described as "the great mobilization weapon together with some second level telegram channel".

La Crida, he continued, was a web page in which a telephone number was publicized, to which each individual could adhere to receive information.

This web functioned as an "extension of cultural Òmnium", since it was "enmaquetada" by them, although the researchers have not found a direct involvement of the civil organization in appeals to the population.

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