The number of unemployed rises again in 52,194 people in October and chains three months of hikes

The number of unemployed rises again in 52,194 people in October and chains three months of hikes


The number of unemployed registered in the offices of the Public Employment Services has risen in October at 52,194 people compared to the previous month standing inn 3.254.703 unemployed. A figure that is lower than last year, when there was an increase of 56,884 people, as reported by the Ministry of Labor. In the accumulated of the year, unemployment has been reduced by 212,323 people, at an annual rate of 6.12%. In seasonally adjusted terms, unemployment has decreased by 27,483 people.

On the other hand, the affiliation to Social Security has reached in October the 19 million employed, specifically 18,993,073 affiliates, adding this month 130,360 more people (0.69%). It is the best historical record in a month of October.

By gender, the male unemployment It has been located in the tenth month of the year in 1,340,190 people, rising by 27,039 people (2.06%), while the female it has reached 1,914,513, increasing by 25,155 people (1.3%) in relation to the previous month. If we take as a reference the month of October last year, male unemployment has fallen by 125,187 (-8.5%) people, and female unemployment has fallen by 87,136 people (-4.3%).

Young boys

On the other hand, unemployment among those under 25 years of age increased in October by 10,724 (4.07%) people, in relation to the previous month. In the last 12 months, unemployment among young people has been reduced by 23,145 people. Which means a rate of 7.8%, more than a point and a half above the overall percentage of 6.1%. Among those aged 25 and over, unemployment increased by 41,470 (1.4%) in October compared to September.

Types of contracts

By types of contract, the indefinite hiring that has registered its highest rate in the whole historical series has stood out. Specifically, 2,243,453 contracts have been signed. What supposes, in global terms, an increase of 211.269 – 10.4% – with respect to a year ago. From them, 242,324 were undefined contracts and 2,001,129 temporary contracts. The first figure supposes an increase of 39,782 (19.6%) over the same month of the previous year, while temporary ones have increased by 9.37%. All a record in a single month, in such a way that 57 months of interannual increases are chained. Specifically, undefined contracts represent 10.8% of all contracts this month.

Similarly, in the offices of the Public Employment Services, a total of 4,636 training and learning contracts during October.

Andalusia and Catalonia, lead the rise in unemployment

By Autonomous Communities, registered unemployment in the tenth month of the year has fallen in three of them: Comunidad Valenciana (-2,902 unemployed), Madrid (-2,106) and in the Basque Country (-622). While it has risen in the rest, especially in Andalusia (10,854 more unemployed) and Catalonia (10,853 more unemployed).

By economic sectors, andUnemployment has been reduced in Construction in 3,695 unemployed less (-1.3%). On the contrary, it has increased in Agriculture 9,301 (6,6%), in Industry in 2,821 (1,01%), in Services in 43,219 people (1,9%) and in the group without previous employment in 548 people (0 , 19%).


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