Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

The number of suspected cases of coronavirus in Brazil rises to 12

The number of suspected cases of Wuhan pneumonia in Brazil rose from 9 to 12, while another 10 were ruled out by health authorities, the Health Ministry said Friday.

The vice minister of the portfolio, Joao Gabbardo dos Reis, said in a press conference that the state of Sao Paulo, in the southeast region, concentrates the largest number of suspected cases, with 7 patients under the accompaniment of the authorities.

However, so far, the portfolio said there is no confirmation that anyone carries the Chinese virus in Brazil.

The other suspicions in Brazil were registered in the states of Ceará (1), in the northeast, and Paraná (1), Santa Catarina (1) and Rio Grande do Sul (2), the three located in the southern region of the country.

In Sao Paulo, Governor Joao Doria announced the implementation of an emergency operations center, which will be integrated by professionals from all the municipalities of the state and will accompany the situation of the growing number of suspicious cases 24 hours a day.

From the last balance disclosed by the Ministry, Sao Paulo ruled out a suspicious case and received five new notifications, while Rio de Janeiro ruled out the only suspicion it had previously registered.

Also, the case of a 22-year-old girl, who was the first suspicious patient in the South American country after having traveled to the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the disease, was finally ruled out this Friday after three medical tests were negative. for the coronavirus.

Among the new suspect cases registered, five people admitted to hospitals tested negative for the analysis of the most common respiratory viruses, so they will now go through more specific tests in an attempt to identify whether it is the coronavirus.

The twelve patients are part of the current definition of a suspicious case established by the World Health Organization (WHO), that is, they had fever and at least one respiratory signal or symptom, such as cough or shortness of breath.

Last week, the Brazilian Government installed an Emergency Operations Center formed by technicians specialized in attending to possible health emergencies and that will have daily meetings to monitor the risk of the coronavirus, be attentive to the situation and centralize the information.

The Ministry also informed that from next week it will hold regular meetings with the regional health secretariats with the aim of “better coordinating” the work of data collection and information dissemination.

He also explained that the alert level for the coronavirus, the cause of the so-called Wuhan pneumonia, remains an “imminent danger” and announced that a prevention and orientation campaign for Brazilians and international travelers will be launched in the next few days. Disembark in the country.

The new coronavirus has left at least 213 dead (43 more than Thursday) and 9,692 confirmed cases in China alone.


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