April 13, 2021

The number of people requesting asylum in Spain increases by 73%

The number of people requesting asylum in Spain increases by 73%

Spain registered in 2018 a new record in the number of people who have applied for asylum in the country. In total, there were 54,065 files admitted for processing, according to data released this morning by the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid (CEAR). With respect to 2017, the figure has increased by 73%.

The convulsed situation that is lived in Venezuela is again the main reason that moves people to look for a new home in Spain. And it is that 36 percent of the total comes from the country that still governs Nicolás Maduro. However, it also tops the number of denied applications: 30 favorable resolutions for 1,495 rejected. They are followed by Colombia, Syria and Honduras.

"We want dismantle the speech of alarmism which alerts of large arrivals. It is only 0'1% in relation to the population. It's an almost invisible percentage, "said Estrella Galán, general secretary of CEAR. Galán also wanted to emphasize the 12,000 requests that are still pending resolution, some for more than two years, "for lack of political will": "Our generosity is still very restrictive."

For her part, Paloma Favieres, Director of Policies and Campaigns of CEAR, has stressed that Spain is at the tail of Europe among host countries, even behind ultra-right governments like Italy. "Beyond the data, 2018 has been the year in which most obstacles have been raised for internal protection. Are we really a country of refuge? "

The event was also attended by Nicaraguan political activist Jessica Cisneros, an asylum seeker who has denounced the situation of "unequal war" in her country: "A state of terror and repression has been going on for almost ten months. Already there are more than 500 murdered by military weapons. "


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