March 5, 2021

The number of freelancers falls in more than half of Spain

The number of self-employed workers puts the brake on Spain. A year ago, the self-employed increased in Spain by 33,262, 1.15% more than in 2017. However, in the last year their figure has grown three times less, reaching only 11,664 new self-employed workers. From the total of regions, 10 communities, plus Ceuta and Melilla, lose autonomous and only seven increase their quantity. However, both those who lose and those who win, there is a stagnation in the growth of self-employment in Spain, according to the analysis made by the Union of Associations of Autonomous Workers and Entrepreneurs (UATAE) from the data of the Social Security affiliation, provided by the Ministry of Labor for the month of July.

The communities in which the number of freelancers rises are those of the Mediterranean coast and the islands (with the exception of Catalonia), in addition to Madrid and Extremadura. The ones that have increased the most are the Canary Islands, 3,584 (2.9%); Andalusia, 8,894 (1.7%), and the Community of Madrid, 6,646 (1.7%). They are followed by the Balearic Islands (1.6%), Valencian Community (1%), Murcia Region (1.3%) and Extremadura (0.16%).

Some communities that won freelancers in 2018 have started losing them this year. Among them are Catalonia, in which 1,653 (-0.3%) decrease the number of self-employed workers; Castilla-La Mancha, -422 (-0.3%); La Rioja, -376 (-1.4%), and Navarra, -347 (0.7%). Those that suffer the greatest relative loss are Aragón (-2.8%) and Castilla y León (-1.5%). To the 10 communities with losses are added Asturias (-1.4%), Galicia (-1.3%), Basque Country (-0.6%), Cantabria (-0.6%) and the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla.

The secretary general of UATAE, María José Landaburu, links a significant proportion of the growth to tourism-related services, "although they do not, in general, manage to alleviate the slowdown." Landaburu has taken advantage of the analysis to insist on the importance of forming a "stable" government as soon as possible "to face the challenges of the complex economic situation, and in particular of autonomous work."

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