The number of franchises soars 38.4% in 10 years and close to 70,000 in 2018

The number of franchises soars 38.4% in 10 years and close to 70,000 in 2018


The number of franchises in Spain in 2018 has amounted to 1,355 signs which operate in 52 sectors of activity through 70,840 operating units, according to the "Guide to Franchises of Spain 2019" prepared by the consultancy Barbadillo y Asociados specialized in this business model. In the last decade, this figure has increased in 38.4%, from the 51,157 franchised establishments that existed in 2008 to the almost 71,000 operatives of today. In this sense, the Hospitality continues to lead the ranking in terms of franchising brands and Food as to franchised stores.

If we look at the number of plants this continues to grow, although it does so in a very discreet way. In particular, barely 0.95% from the 1,342 franchises that were registered in total in Spain in the year 2017. For Santiago Barbadillo, general director of this consultancy, «the statistics reveal, not only the consolidation and maturity of the system, but also the good health of this formula of commerce». As proof, in his opinion, that more than 49% of the schools have at least a dozen establishments in operation. In his opinion, the trend will continue to be upward.

The hotel industry, in the lead

One more year, hospitality-restoration is, with 228 brands, the sector with the highest number of brands (active brands) accumulates. It is followed by the fashion sector with 197 brands including generic, masculine, feminine and children's fashion.

Behind, and in third place, is the sector of specialized products and services that has 107 franchise centers operating. Behind, aesthetics and beauty with 76 brands. Fifth, there are food businesses with 54 active brands.

From Barbadillo have stressed that although supermarkets are not among the top positions in terms of operational networks, if the number of units franchised, with 12,980 points of sale representing 18.3% of total franchises. Second, there would be the 9,940 restaurants (14.03% of the total), which exist in our streets operating under a franchise regime.

Madrid and Catalonia, leaders

The Community of Madrid has continued to maintain its hegemony by autonomy with 399 franchises, also registering an important growth with respect to the 377 of the previous year (5.5% more). Behind, is Catalonia that loses teach and stays with 264 plants, compared to 274 in 2017 (3.6% less). Between both communities represent 48.9% of the total franchise centers in our country.

They also stand out among the first positions Andalusia and Valencia. Although this last one has experienced an important growth, the increase of the number of the Andalusian schools has been greater, advancing for the first time to the Valencian Community in number of franchises. Thus, Andalusia is at the end of 2018 in 159 franchises and the Valencian Community in 157 brands.

Less than 60,000 euros

48% of the franchise chains (650 concepts) have required an investment of less than 60,000 euros to start the activity. Most of them (430 brands) are in the second investment tranche, which ranges from 30,000 to 60,000 euros.

According to the Spanish Franchise Guide 2019, 37% of the franchise chains in our country (501 brands) charge less than 12,000 euros in concept of entrance fee. Among the low-cost, the most common stretch is between 6,000 and 12,000 euros, in which 308 schools are located (22.7% of the total).

There is also interest in international expansion, driven by the economic crisis of recent years to reach this year the record number of 349 (25.7% of all brands). Likewise and for the future, 108 more brands have expressly stated their intention to go abroad in the coming years, another indication of the health and strength of the system.


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