Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

The number of deaths due to the gas explosion in Lima rises to 16

The number of fatalities of the great gas deflagration that occurred last Thursday in Lima rose to Wednesday 16 dead, including a Venezuelan, said the Ministry of Health in a statement.

Joaquín Ambrosio, 27, was the last to die of the more than 50 wounded left by the deflagration caused by a massive leak of liquefied petroleum gas from a tank truck.

The man had been hospitalized for six days with severe burns at Loayza Hospital, in Lima, one of the medical centers that received the dozens of injuries left by the accident.


Of the 16 dead, only one died at the scene, while the remaining fifteen died in hospitals where they are treated for second and third degree burns, some with almost the entire body affected.

Among the deceased there are six minors whose ages range between 3 and 17 years, while the others are four men, one of them Venezuelan; and six women, one of them pregnant with eight months of gestation.


So far 31 people remain hospitalized, including ten minors, while another eleven were released this week.

For its treatment, the Ministry of Health received last Monday a donation from the Government of Brazil of 18,000 square centimeters of human skin to be implanted in the wounded.

The General Director of Donations, Transplants and Blood Banks (DIGDOT) of the Ministry of Health, Juan Antonio Almeyda, explained in a statement that human skin is the best for the surgical cure of patients because it has a longer duration in the patient, but He warned that more similar tissue will be needed.


The tragedy occurred when a tanker truck loaded with liquefied petroleum gas suffered a fissure when passing through a large pothole that massively escaped the load it carried, flooding a whole street with gas in a matter of seconds while the driver tried to control it from desperate way.

The gas soon turned into a huge tongue of fire when tens of meters away from the truck a neighbor in the area apparently started the engine of his car, which started the huge deflagration that struck a whole block, with virtually no one who was in the place could run away.

The accident occurred on a large avenue in the populous district of Villa El Salvador, located in the south of Lima, where it also left considerable material damage and homes destroyed and affected.


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