The nuclear power plants threaten to advance the power plant blackout due to the Government’s measures to lower the electricity

The Nuclear Forum has warned this Tuesday of the “cessation of activity of the nuclear park if the CO2 bill goes ahead in the terms set forth” because, it assures, it leads to losses to the reactors, which provide 20% of the electricity.

The nuclear power plants report another failure and are working again at 60% in the heat of the rise in the price of light

The nuclear power plants report another failure and are working again at 60% in the heat of the rise in the price of light

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This is one of the “structural” measures that the Government had proposed to lower the cost of the bill: the fund to remove the premiums for renewables from the bill, which Congress has begun to process this week, and the mechanism to withdraw revenues from the CO2. Both initiatives are included in separate bills and the Council of Ministers approved this Tuesday to process them urgently.

According to the nuclear lobby, the excessive fiscal pressure borne by the Spanish nuclear park and the impact of the CO2 bill in its current drafting (together they may exceed € 30 / MWh), together with the planned € 3,000 million in investments to to carry out until the cessation of the operation of the nuclear park in 2035 “, would lead to the nuclear park” to its economic-financial infeasibility and would lead to the anticipated cessation of the activity “.

All this, “in an environment of future prices below € 50 / MWh from 2024 onwards, due to the massive entry of renewable energies into the system with marginal costs tending to zero”.

The president of the nuclear lobby, Ignacio Araluce, points out that “the early cessation of the generation technology that produces more electricity in Spain and that avoids more greenhouse gas emissions would lead to a disorderly shutdown of nuclear generation, to the consequent loss from jobs and industrial fabric, to a greater dependence on foreign energy and an increase in price volatility in the wholesale market “.

“Spanish nuclear power plants operate with operating authorizations that are periodically renewed. Those currently in force were requested by their owners and granted by the corresponding Ministry after that date. Therefore, at the time of application, and to carry out the necessary investment decisions, the EU emission rights allocation mechanism and the international market price of CO2 were taken into account. With this draft Law in force, renewals of authorizations would not have been requested, several of they are very recent, “they say from the energy lobby.

Foro Nuclear points out that the decree approved this Tuesday, “even though it is of temporary application, deepens even more in the penalization of electricity generation of nuclear origin.”


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