June 4, 2020

The Nuclear Forum requests that the fiscal framework that taxes the sector be reviewed

Nuclear energy constitutes a “key and strategic element in the energy transition that Spain will have to face in the coming decades,” says the president of the Nuclear Forum, Ignacio Araluce, who calls for the fiscal framework for the sector to be reviewed.

Nuclear power plants are distinguished for being the technology that “operates the longest hours with operating indicators close to 90% above the world average,” highlights Araluce, president of this association that has brought together companies related to the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, on a platform published in EFEverde.

“Spain owns,” recalls the president of the employers’ association in the nuclear sector, “seven operating reactors that constitute a stable, very reliable source of generation that operates continuously for thousands of hours each year” and generates “21% of the electricity that we consume in Spain “.

In addition, it contributes in a “relevant” way to the reduction of polluting emissions and, given the climate emergency, “it is essential to make use of all available technologies that do not emit carbon dioxide,” he argues.

In recent years, he recalled, nuclear power plants “have produced between 35 and 40% of emission-free electricity, which helps the desired goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050.”

Thus, the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan 2021-2030 “contemplates the continuity of the operation of our nuclear park”, since “it is essential for the stability of the system, the production of firm energy, the reduction of the external energy deficit and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions “and, furthermore,” does not put pressure on the formation of prices in the wholesale electricity market “.

The competent authorities, according to Araluce, “should review the specific fiscal framework that is imposed on the Spanish nuclear park to safeguard its economic viability”, since “some of the tax acts bear taxes redundantly”.

“Without such high taxation, nuclear power would be a very competitive energy for the future, essential as a lever to achieve the established energy and environmental objectives, and helping in the economic recovery of our country once we overcome the health emergency in which we find ourselves. “, the president of the Nuclear Forum has concluded.

The complete rostrum is available for reading and downloading at EFEverde.com from EFE360 of the EFE Agency.


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