The novel that warns Pedro Sánchez

What if when Franco is exhumed, it turns out that the body is not in his grave? It is the plot of the novel “A grave open” (Algaida editorial), launched a few months ago and that returns to receive news after the ruling of the Supreme Court that gives free access to the Government's plans.

During the presentation of the book, Alfonso Domingo said that “it is a work of fiction, although they are quoted -even supplanted by some fictional character in some passages- real characters like the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and Pope Francisco ”.

The author told Efe that he had written a story with echoes of (Luis García) Berlanga, (Luis) Buñuel and (Ramón María del) Valle-Inclán, approached from humor, even if it is black humor in many passages, aware of This is an issue that still arouses "much anger and tension" since it is an issue that bothers anyone"Because the burial of Franco in the Valley of the Fallen" is a poisoned inheritance of the Transition. "

Domingo began to write "A grave open" more than three years ago but he postponed it in favor of other projects until the initiative of the Socialist Government made him resume the project, also pushed by people from his closest circle who encouraged him with the Current argument.

To make his story more credible, Domingo created a protagonist “who was not ideologically motivated,” a very conservative family lawyer who finds out that, in fact, he was a stolen baby, so after trying to find out what his true family is, he thinks in digging up Franco as revenge against the regime that made possible a situation like his.

To carry out his plan, the protagonist will help himself with “a bizarre band” composed of an expert in butrones, a thief and a magician, among other characters They also lack ideological motivations.

To make the story credible, the author has had to study, among other things, how to build a mechanism that is capable of lifting a slab of a ton and a half, the legal status of the Valley of the Fallen, the effects of some anesthesia and the hacker activity.

The idea rescues an episode, which although it seems like a movie was real: the theft of the corpse of Charles Chaplin from the cemetery of Corsier-sur-Vervey, in Switzerland. One morning in 1977, the workers found a mountain of dirt and an empty hole where Chaplin's white tombstone was. There were all kinds of rumors and political intentions although in the end the protagonists were thieves with little experience in this type of "blows" that called for a rescue of 600,000 Swiss francs. The family refused to pay. The thieves lowered the price, and so on until they were arrested by the Police.

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