The North Korean leader wants Pope Francis to visit Pyonyang

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un wants Pope Francis to visit Pyonyang, a South Korean official spokesman said today.

The announcement was made in Seoul to be informed of the tour of Europe to be undertaken by South Korean President Moon Jae-in, which will include a stop at the Vatican next week.

According to South Korean presidential spokesman Kim Eui-kyeom, Moon will deliver the North Korean leader's invitation when he meets with the pope.

"President Moon suggested that President Kim meet with the pope, stressing that he was very interested in peace on the Korean peninsula," the spokesman said in statements reproduced by local media.

Kim, according to the source, "said that he would give a warm welcome to the pope if he visits Pyonyang."

Moon and Kim have met three times so far this year, the last time, in Pyongyang, last September.

The spokesman added that during the interview with the pope, the South Korean president will seek the support of the Vatican in favor of peace and stability in the Korean peninsula.

Pope Francis has previously broadcast messages of support for the dialogue between the two Koreas and the historic summit held on June 12 in Singapore by the North Korean leader and US President Donald Trump.

The pontiff visited South Korea in August 2014.


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