August 11, 2020

The North Korean leader supervises the test of a tactical weapon

The North Korean propaganda reported today that the leader Kim Jong-un has supervised the test of a new tactical weapon, a gesture that can go destined as much to the domestic public as to Washington after a new jam in the dialogue on disarmament.

The agency KCNA explained that the leader "guided and witnessed" the exercise, held on Wednesday by the Academy of Defense Sciences.

The place where the test took place was not specified, something usual in North Korea, and the note merely said that it is a "new type of guided tactical weapon" without specifying anything else.

Tactical weapons are short-range weapons designed to be used on the battlefield in combat scenarios.

Kim said that "the development of this system serves as an important event when it comes to increasing the combat capabilities of the People's Army" and noted that "scientists and workers in the ammunition industry did another great job", according to KCNA .

This is the first time that Kim has supervised an armament test since last November, when the North Korean propaganda also reported that he was present for the tests of another tactical weapon (probably an artillery system) of which no further details were offered.

On those dates, in which the dialogue with the US it was also stagnant, the gesture seemed destined to emphasize to the domestic public the good preparation of the Army in matters of national defense.

Still, the test of a short-range weapon can also serve as a small reminder to Washington after the failed Hanoi summit in February in which Kim and US President Donald Trump failed to reach an agreement on the process to denuclearize Korea. from North.

Since then, Pyongyang has even suggested that it meditates to break the dialogue and even retake the missile or nuclear tests, although Kim said last week before Parliament that he is willing to meet again with Trump.


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