The North Korean leader highlights the efforts to end inter-Korean detente

The North Korean leader highlights the efforts to end inter-Korean detente

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, today sent a letter to the president of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, in which he highlights the mutual efforts to overcome their tensions and free both peoples "from the fear of war", reported an official spokesperson.

The presidential spokesman Kim Eui-kyeom, in statements collected by the local agency Yonhap, said that in his letter Kim expresses his desire to continue on the path of progressively ending tensions between the two countries.

Moon and Kim have met three times this year, putting aside decades of tensions between the north and the south. The North Korean leader also met last June in Singapore with US President Donald Trump.

Although at the last inter-Korean summit Kim had pledged to Moon to hold his next presidential meeting in Seoul, the appointment could not have been this year, although the North Korean leader remains firm in maintaining that interview, although he does not say when.

According to the spokesman, Kim praises both his and Moon's efforts to "move together in favor of peace and prosperity on the Korean peninsula."

It also highlights "practical and aggressive" measures to overcome confrontations thanks to the three summits this year and the fact that both have "liberated their people from military tensions and fear of war."

The spokesman said that in the letter the North Korean leader reiterates his commitment to meet "frequently" with President Moon.

The letter is known two days before the traditional message of the new year of the North Korean leader is spread, in which he usually makes a review of the challenges of the Pyongyang regime and in which this year is expected to allude to inter-Korean detente.

Kim plans to meet with Trump again in the next few months, but the date and venue for that second summit have yet to be defined.


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